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March 19, 2016

Uzbek people’s pride


Gaining the independence by Uzbekistan enabled to restore historical justice, the names of our great ancestors and their rich heritage. Sahibkiran Amir Temur – a symbol of bravery, courage and wisdom, the Uzbek people’s national pride toke a special place in it.

Amir Temur’s star through many centuries is shining for today’s generations, who left an indelible mark on world history. His life is an example for the young people of our country, who want to be its worthy successors.

The outstanding military leader and political strategist built a powerful centralized state in the Mawarannahr (Land Beyond the River), based on the rule of law and respect for traditions. Being wise politician with broad horizon and subtle analytical mind, Amir Temur went down in history primarily as the creator. He surrounded himself with the best of science and culture, skilled architects, builders and artists, whose beautiful works were an indicator of the power of the state. He built the magnificent monuments which still cause an infinite pride in our compatriots, foreign visitors’ great interest and admiration.

Sahibkiran actively engaged in legislative activity. The work entitled “The Code of Timur” outlined his vision of the most effective state system and the country governing fundamental principles. Leafing through the pages of the treatise, it is impossible not to admire Amir Temur’s personal qualities and strong-willed character. Here are some of his statements: “My word was matched by my action and I never showed no one callousness, I did not show the severity in any case, so as not to undergo anger. With friends and foes treated courteously … If someone from friends or foes came to me with a request, I spoke with friends that their friendship increased even more, and the enemies I had the attitude that their feud turned into a friendship”. The famous phrase: “One enterprising, courageous, brave, resolute and wise man is better than a thousand lazy and weak-willed. Thus one experienced better controls than thousands of people” is also in the “Code.

Our great ancestor’s noble principles, underlying on the basis of a powerful state, a just society, strengthening generosity and kindness atmosphere, population’s welfare, today have become the main criterion of modern Uzbekistan’s social and economic life.

On the initiative of President Islam Karimov, 1996 was widely celebrated the 660th anniversary of Amir Temur. The year has been named after him in the country. International conferences and exhibitions were organized under the auspices of UNESCO. Monuments to Amir Temur were built in Tashkent, Samarkand and Shakhrisabz. A lot of streets, parks and other geographic features are named after him in our country. “The Code of Timur” was restored and reprinted several times as a unique source of study of national statehood history. On the eve of the 675th anniversary of Amir Temur, an updated edition of the book with a preface by the President of Uzbekistan was published.

Along with these, Amir Timur Museum was opened in the capital Tashkent, which is the inexhaustible fount of spirituality, keeper of ancient relics and real masterpieces of art with great historical value. Its funds are stored unique items, including manuscripts, letters, coins, ceramics, bronze and copper products, decorative patterns, manuscripts, ethnographic objects, silver jewelry, and many others. Numerous exhibitions, dedicated to the epoch of the Timurids, have been held during the museum’s existence. Such significant exposure as “Samarkand-2750”, “Gifts”, “The life of Amir Temur”, “Timurids renaissance era”, “Shohruh – a monument to the creative activity of the Timurids” are among them. They tell us about the various aspects of multifaceted and creative activity of the great statesman that could serve as a vivid illustration for the young generation’s moral education in the spirit of independence, awaken national consciousness, exploring the rich traditions of the people, ancient values, respectful and careful attitude to ancestors’ invaluable heritage.

The fact that the Order called after the name of Amir Temur is also of particular attention, which is symbolizing his descendants for independence and justice, national pride, and selfless devotion to the Motherland. It took a special place in a number of high state awards, established in our country in the years of independence. It is awarded to citizens of Uzbekistan for great merits in strengthening of statehood, development of military affairs, as well as persons who are not citizens of our country, but who have made great contribution to the strengthening of international cooperation, peace and friendship between peoples. In addition, in some cases, it may become owners of enterprises, institutions, organizations, public associations, creative teams and military units, as well as administrative-territorial units of the republic.

Order “Amir Temur” is an eight-pointed star with dihedral rays. The majestic figure of Amir Temur, seated on a horse, is in its center. You should also pay attention to the inscription around the image: “Strength in justice”. This principle is the basis of our state’s modern domestic and foreign policy. The Order will remain for us a source of strength to achieve the noble goals, symbol of freedom, respect and reverence for the outstanding ancestors.

The merits of Amir Temur adequately assess not only by our country’s residents, but the entire enlightened world celebrates these days of his 680th anniversary. The life and work of one of the greatest personalities in the history of mankind, “the Savior of Europe”, as he is called in some European chronicles, attracted the attention of more and more researchers, artists and culture outside of Uzbekistan. Research-scientists of Temurids are conducting in more than 50 countries around the world. More than 900 papers in the European and more than a thousand in Oriental languages are published about Amir Temur. The archives and libraries of Venice, Spain, France, Great Britain have kept written records of the diplomatic correspondence of the outstanding statesman and his successors with many countries of the world.

Thus, the priceless heritage of Amir Temur is a source of strength and energy courageous, hardworking Uzbek people for the building of state with a great future. Conducted reforms on human exaltation, respect the principles of justice in all spheres and tangible results are its clear proof.


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