Uzbek specialists studying Research Management

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January 27, 2016

Uzbek specialists studying Research Management


January 25-29, 2016 in Tashkent The British Council holds a training seminar on “Management of scientific research (Research Management)”.

The partners are the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of our country and the Fund of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “Iste’dod” on improvement of skills of promising young teachers and scientific personnel.

To participate in the event arrived doctoral students, researchers and young scientists from different universities of the capital and regions. Under the guidance of world-renowned British expert in International Studies and design publications for scientific journals Joe Shaffer, they will explore new approaches to planning and implementation of research work in accordance with modern requirements.

In particular, the first day of the training seminar Uzbek scientists and applicants receive valuable information about the features of the publication of articles in international scientific journals, which is an important part of the research work.

In the following days, the event will focus on the preparations for the presentation at the conference, apply for funding for research into national and international funds, and development of international scientific relations. The final theme of the seminar will liaise with the public and the scientists state.