Uzbek Students Shine in Online Olympiad

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May 4, 2016

Uzbek Students Shine in Online Olympiad


Nearly 500 students fr om 97 CIS universities have participated in an open international student online competition. Among the winners are two students from the National University of Uzbekistan.

The concluding stage of the online Olympiad was held as a multiple-choice test at universities.

The students of Uzbekistan’s main university successfully cracked twelve chemistry problems and won prizes. Jaloliddin Hushvaqtov earned 57 points that won him a silver medal while Muzaffar Makhsumov clinched a bronze medal with 43 points.

Bоth the Uzbek students have demonstrated strong aspirations to not only master theory but also gain practical skills. They frequent information and resources centers and libraries. They have said that getting high results requires a broad world outlook. Moreover, the young chemists have already made names at the chemistry institutes of the Academy of Sciences, wh ere they actively participate in research work.