“Uzbekistan – a country with rich cultural heritage”

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September 30, 2016

“Uzbekistan – a country with rich cultural heritage”


The leading English-language newspaper of the United Arab Emirates The Gulf News has published an article under this headline. The publication is dedicated to the rich history, culture and tourist potential of Uzbekistan.

The article reports that Uzbekistan is located at the crossroads of the Great Silk Road and it is a very attractive place for tourism. Here, there are a large number of historical monuments of different civilizations, many of which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Uzbekistan has a long history, originating thousands of years ago.

It is noted that Uzbekistan occupies an important place in the promotion of tourism ties in the region. The publication cites the words of the Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization Taleb Rifai that “Uzbekistan has played a leading role in strengthening international cooperation in order to further development of tourism along the Silk Road.”

The article stresses that as a result of attention to the development of the tourism industry from year to year the number of tourists wishing to visit Uzbekistan increase. They admire not only the natural beauty of the region, its rich history, diverse culture and unique historical monuments, and but also centuries-old traditions of the Uzbek people, its hospitality and unique cuisine.

The publication emphasizes the fact that there are many places of religious importance and of value to the pilgrims in the country. One of the most remarkable places is the complex of Imam Al-Bukhari in Samarkand. “The country that holds many ancient historical monuments, is attracting tourists from all over the world”, – states the material.

The Gulf News writes that the achievements of Uzbekistan during independence years are primarily the result of well thought-out strategy of long-term changes in all areas. “The attention paid to tourism in the country, and the rich cultural and historical heritage – the main factors of development of tourism in Uzbekistan” – sums up the author.

Jahon Information Agency, Dubai