Uzbekistan adopts Law “On state youth policy”

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September 17, 2016

Uzbekistan adopts Law “On state youth policy”

Interim President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed the Law “On state youth policy” on September 14, 2016.

The law was adopted by the Legislative Chamber on August 12 and approved by the Senate on August 24.

This law was adopted in order to further improve the legal framework, unite direct action guidelines, organizational and legal mechanisms of formation and implementation of youth policy in a single legislative act.

In accordance with modern requirements the law enshrines such priority directions of the state youth policy as ensuring social, economic, political and other rights and interests, accessible and quality education for young people, promotion of physical, intellectual and moral development of young generation, creation of conditions for youth employment, bringing the youth up in a spirit of respect for the law, national and universal values, protection from the actions and ideas leading to the erosion of moral principles, radicalism, violence and cruelty, support talented young people and young families, formation of their healthy lifestyle, youth sports development, youth entrepreneurship, and others.

The law clearly defined tasks and powers of the institutions engaged in and participating in implementation of state youth policy in the center and in the field, their responsibility in this area. These bodies are tasked to implement the state youth policy, ensure unconditional fulfillment of the requirements of normative-legal acts aimed at ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of young people in education, health, culture, sports, labor and other sectors, undertake legal advocacy measures, prevent delinquency among youth, cooperate with non-governmental organizations and others.

The provisions of the law are also aimed at strengthening the role and place of the public, especially youth organizations, local authorities and media in the implementation of state youth policy. It defines legal mechanisms for mandatory participation of civil society institutions in development and execution of governmental and other programs, organization and holding of events to educate healthy and harmoniously developed young generation, enhancement of role and activity of youth in public life, implementation of public control over implementation of legislation and government programs in this area.

The law is also aimed at strengthening the role and place of the public, especially youth organizations, local authorities and media in implementation of state youth policy, enhancing effectiveness of measures taken in this area, aimed at creating necessary opportunities and conditions in the country for raising healthy, harmoniously-developed generation, helping in implementation of their creative and intellectual potential, formation of comprehensively developed personalities who fully meet the requirements of the XXI century.