Uzbekistan allocates more than 3,5 trillion soums to support construction area for the time of pandemic

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April 24, 2020

Uzbekistan allocates more than 3,5 trillion soums to support construction area for the time of pandemic

The leader of Uzbekistan raised the issue of steady removal of quarantine regime in districts, regions and cities that saw positive shift in regards to novel coronavirus outbreak while using all the possible measures to preserve jobs and prevent economic crisis. If resumed back to regular life, businesses and enterprises, nevertheless, will have to adhere to sanitary rules.

Besides, considering construction area being one of the drivers of employment and economic stability as well as high demand from citizens in accessible living, a number of measures have been taken to prevent the downfall of construction area at times of coronavirus.

Particularly, government allocated 3,6 trillion soums (more than 335 million dollars). Additionally, 1,5 trillion soums (147 million dollars) from Anti-Crisis Fund will go on construction of engineering and communications infrastructure. That includes 500 billion soums (around 50 million dollars) on 55 projects in the area of water supply and 1 trillion soums (98,5 million dollars) on 1,547 projects in road construction. Government creates necessary conditions to increase the income of local budgets, including building up resources for road construction and other infrastructure objects.

In the near future, construction objects will be allowed to resume their work with full compliance with quarantine rules.

“In general, the construction sector, whether it is housing or infrastructure related building, is a great reserve for creating new jobs, generating demand and supply in the market, and ultimately ensuring economic growth. If industry local leaders, aware of the responsibility assigned to them, will organize their work correctly, we will emerge from the economic crisis with minimal losses,” said President Mirziyoyev.

Thus, Uzbekistan is taking decisive measures and continuing its work to ensure country’s prosperity.