Uzbekistan can produce more than half of imported medicines

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February 7, 2018

Uzbekistan can produce more than half of imported medicines

The fact that most of the industry’s enterprises are limited to production of medicines of a simple formula was criticized at the meeting devoted to the analysis of effectiveness of the ongoing work on development of pharmaceutical industry. The physical volume of production in the industry increased by 34 percent in 2017, while the growth in value terms was only 16 percent.

Currently 74% of domestic demand is covered at the expense of imports despite the fact that domestic enterprises have been granted various privileges for production of import-substituting products for several years.

More than half of the 6824 types of imported medicines can be produced in Uzbekistan, but this figure currently stands at only 27 percent. Medicines used in oncology, gynecology and dentistry are completely imported from abroad.

The state of affairs in supplying state medical institutions with medicines and medical products remains unsatisfactory. The population of the country does not feel the results of reforms implemented in the sphere at all. This is evidenced by negative reviews in the mass media, emphasized President of Uzbekistan.