Uzbekistan: equal opportunities for women and men in political decision-making

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June 3, 2015

Uzbekistan: equal opportunities for women and men in political decision-making

Uzbekistan_equal_opportunitIn Uzbekistan a consistent work to ensure the active participation of women in social and political life of the country is carried out. Republic within the framework of the signed in 2000, the Millennium Declaration has developed and is implementing specific measures aimed at the empowerment of women, particularly in political decision-making.

Thus, the women are increasingly involved in nation-building. In particular, they make up 17% of the members of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis (parliament), and 16% of the deputies of the Legislative Chamber.

In addition, during this period the figure of the representation of women in the executive branch increased almost 5 times – from 3.4% to 16%.

The political parties of Uzbekistan increased the number of members of the women by creating a special women’s wing. Currently, according to the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan, the proportion of women in the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen – Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan has grown from 35% to 38%, the Democratic Party “Milly Tiklanish” – from 40% to 46%, the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan – from 41% to 56%, the Social Democratic Party “Adolat” from 38% to 49%.

Increase women’s participation in local government and in the structures of Mahalla. During the period of 2006-2013, the share of women among the chairmen of mahalla committees increased from 9.6% to 25.6%. The most commonly women represented in the Council of People’s Deputies of Tashkent (23.7%), Andijan (22.8%), Jizzakh (22.8%) regions and Tashkent city – 21.7%.

It is also necessary to note the work being undertaken in the development of the regulatory framework. Over the years, taken about 100 national and international instruments aimed at protecting women. Uzbekistan was one of the first in Central Asia ratified the “Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women”.