Uzbekistan fighters returned with a bouquet of medals from the country of tulips

On March 10-11, Dutch Open Taekwondo Championships was held in Eindhoven, Netherlands, where Uzbekistan fighters won a whole bunch of medals of different dignity.

Madina Mannonova (46 kg), Ulugbek Rashidov (51 kg) and Djasur Djaysunov (63 kg) won gold medals, and Bekhzod Ibrokhimov (51 kg), Ozoda Sobirjonova (52 kg) and Shakhzoda Djurayeva (55 kg) – silver medals.

The next day in a contest among adults, Dmitry Shokin (87 kg) won a silver and Bakhrom Abdullayev bronze medals.

According to the Press Service of the Ministry of Defense, Dmitry Shokin and Ulugbek Rashidov defended the honor of Uzbekistan on behalf of the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan sport club.

World champion of 2015 Dmitry Shokin won in the first fight with Adrian Wagstaff from the UK (14:6), then in the next fight defeated the current world champion from Germany Alexander Bachmann (12:1), in a semi-final in a difficult battle defeated Jonathan Haley from the United States (5:3). However, in the final he lost to an opponent from South Korea (1:2).

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