“Uzbekistan has established a reliable legal basis ensuring the development of the media”

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October 10, 2015

“Uzbekistan has established a reliable legal basis ensuring the development of the media”

uzbek_establishedGerman media will continue to monitor the development of modern Uzbekistan.

In particular, the electronic portal Presse Echo published an article devoted to the participation of the delegation of our country in the last UN summit on sustainable development goals in New York.

The article notes that the delegation of Uzbekistan headed by Foreign Minister Abdulaziz Kamilov briefed the international community on the specific steps taken in the country in achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

The publication praised the progress of the republic, which in historically short period of time has become a rapidly growing country with a diversified economy firmly stepping on the road of democratic renewal and modernization.

“In 24 years Uzbekistan’s economy increased by more than 5.5 times, and real incomes – 9 times, the state clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of the chosen strategy, – writes Presse Echo. – At the same time, average life expectancy prolonged from 67 to 73 years, women – 75 years. Currently, more than half of the state budget is directed to the social sphere. Large-scale reforms implemented in the health sector. The country reached the Millennium Development Goals set out in 2009 by indicators to reduce maternal and child mortality. ”

Speaking of the environmental agenda of the UN Summit, the portal reported that the international community has a great interest in the initiative of the Republic on establishing of a special Trust Fund for the Aral Sea and the Aral Sea region under the auspices of the UN, whose main task will be to coordinate the efforts and the implementation of targeted programs and projects in the areas such as health protection and preservation of the gene pool of the population living in the disaster area, to ensure the ecological balance in the region combating desertification, implementation of water management.

News agency Fair-News, in turn, introduces the experience of the Republic in the field of improving the criminal justice system.

In the article the agency stated that along with other areas Uzbekistan achieved much success in the judicial sphere. In particular, activity of the courts is enhanced, a solid foundation guarantees the rights of individuals in criminal procedure is established, institute of reconciliation has been introduced. In addition, since 2008 a mechanism of “habeas corpus” has been operating. The consistent expansion of the range of its application is to ensure the rights and freedoms of citizens.

“In recent years, the legislation of the Republic introduced changes and amendments aimed at strengthening the protection of private ownership of businesses, the removal of barriers to their rapid development. Measures taken by the country under the guarantee of protection of property rights, reduction of bureaucratic obstacles are commendable.” – writes Fair-News.

Electronic Portal OpenPR posted an article devoted to ongoing work in our country on the full support of the activities of the media.

“Uzbekistan has established a sound legal basis, ensures the development of the media, full compliance with democratic standards and requirements, – states OpenPR. – As a result of paid great attention to the development of independent media is increasingly growing number of them. Today, they make up more than half of the total number of mass-media of the Republic. All this contributes to a climate of free competition in the information space, strengthening pluralism in society. ”

Special attention is paid to the advancement of online journalism in our country. In this connection, it is reported that over 300 sites are currently registered as a media. Electronic publications are actively involved in addressing the needs of people in receipt of the news.

“The media in Uzbekistan took its worthy place in the international media scene. Creating the conditions for a free and fruitful activity of journalists, their full support is an important factor in the development of the media in general, “- sums up the German portal.