Uzbekistan institutes breast sign “Mahalla Iftikhori”

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July 16, 2017

Uzbekistan institutes breast sign “Mahalla Iftikhori”

The decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 13, 2017 instituted the breast sign “Mahalla Iftikhori” (“Pride of the mahalla”).

Active and initiative citizens, representatives of public structures who have made a worthy contribution to strengthening the role and importance of citizens’ self-governing bodies in society, ensuring the stability of spiritual environment on the ground, strengthening interethnic friendship and harmony, educating the younger generation in the spirit of love for the Motherland and Loyalty to the ideas of independence, implementation of social support for the population, large-scale preventive measures and public control, development of material and technical base of mahalla citizens’ gatherings.

A badge can also be awarded to persons who are not citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Proposals for rewarding the breast sign have been introduced by mahalla citizens’ gatherings (on the basis of decisions of the meeting of representatives of citizens) to the district (city) council for coordination of the activities of self-government bodies of citizens.

Proposals for awarding the badge, introduced by district (city) councils for coordinating the activities of citizens’ self-government bodies, are considered by territorial councils of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions and Tashkent city and are surrendered annually to the Republican Council for Coordinating the Activity of Self-Government Bodies.

The Republican Council decides on awarding the breast sign on the basis of the commission’s conclusion.

Persons awarded with a breast sign receive one-time monetary compensation in the amount of four times the minimum wage. The payment of one-time cash awards is carried out at the expense of the charitable public fund of Uzbekistan “Mahalla”.

The presentation of a breast sign, a certificate to it and a monetary reward is made in a solemn atmosphere on the eve of the celebration of Independence Day.

Persons awarded with a breast sign are also entitled to one-time free vouchers for treatment in the sanatoriums of the country at the expense of the charitable public fund of Uzbekistan “Mahalla”.