“Uzbekistan is an amazing region” 

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January 19, 2016

“Uzbekistan is an amazing region” 


The Japanese city of Mito held a presentation of Uzbekistan’s culture and arts.

The event was organized by the Embassy of our country in Japan, together with “Japan – the countries of Eurasia” Association of Friendship, travel agency JTB and Silk Road ensemble.

The presentation participants were representatives of culture and art, public, scientific and academic circles of Japan.

The event started with a concert of Silk Road ensemble, performing a number of Uzbek songs and dances: “Tanovar”, “Munozhot”, “Fargona ruboiysi”, “Kungil Taronasi”, “Fargona Tongi”, “Andijan polkasi”, “Lazgi” and many others. Performances sparked applause of the guests. The demonstration of Uzbek national costumes, a variety of fabrics and colors was colorful addition to the presentation and made a huge impression on the Japanese.

Shoji Takagi, the presentation guest of honor, Secretary General of “Japan – the countries of Eurasia” Association of Friendship in Ibaraki Prefecture in an interview with “Jahon” Information Agency said that Uzbekistan is famous for its ancient history and unique culture, and located in the territory of the magnificent monuments of architecture and continues to attract tourists fr om all over the world for several centuries.

– In recent years, Japan is growing interest to Uzbekistan, its history and modern development – Sh.Takagi said. – Evidence of this is the growing flow of tourists into the country. Central Asia and the Silk Road for many Japanese are primarily associated with the Uzbek soil. Great scientists and thinkers who have made important contributions to the world civilization development were born and worked here.

The cultural program, presented today, will leave a lasting impression on its participants. I am sure that the Japanese, who have been at the presentation today, had a great desire to visit Uzbekistan, the amazing region, wh ere peace and tranquility, the world’s delicious dishes are cooked, and people are famous for their hospitality and friendliness.

Silk Road Japanese ensemble was created in 2003 in Ibaraki Prefecture. It consists of 10 musicians, singers and dancers. The members of the ensemble have visited our country to study the Uzbek national dances. Currently, Silk Road is one of the leading bands in Japan, representing here the Uzbek culture and the arts.