Uzbekistan is generous land

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November 18, 2017

Uzbekistan is generous land

At the Bukhara state university, a forum was held on 16 November on the occasion of International Day for Tolerance on the slogan of “Uzbekistan is generous land”.

The forum was arranged by the Bukhara regional hokimiyat (governorate) in partnership with the regional justice department, national cultural centres in the region and the Mir Arab higher madrasah.

It was said at the event that in this country special attention was paid to further strengthening the atmosphere of inter-ethnic accord, harmony and tolerance and to bringing up the younger generation in the spirit of love for the Motherland and respect for national and universal values.

Today there are 11 national cultural centres functioning in the region. Tolerance in Uzbekistan is truly a guarantee of harmony and prosperity. This can be seen in everyday life in the country. In the region, many ethnic groups such as Turkmens, Azeris, Poles, Turks, Germans, Koreans, Russians, Jews, Ukrainians, Tartars, Kazakhs, Persians and Kyrgyzs live alongside Uzbeks in peace and harmony.

“All the necessary conditions have been created for us to preserve and develop our national customs and traditions. This is completely can be seen in cultural enlightenment events being held by us. We also actively celebrate with our artistic performance such national holidays as Nowruz and Independence Day,” says Yelena Kim, an active member of the regional Korean cultural centre.

There are 103 mosques, 7 Orthodox Christian and Catholic churches and Jewish sinagogs for believers in the region to freely worship.

Such enlightenment events are of important significance to protecting people, especially young people, from various alien ideas and enhancing their ideological immunity.

As part of the event, national cultural centres’ artistic performances were shown, and an exhibition of various religious books was arranged.