Uzbekistan national team – winner of Asian Championships

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June 21, 2018

Uzbekistan national team – winner of Asian Championships

Asian Fencing Championships among adults is being held in the capital of Thailand – Bangkok. The team of Uzbekistan consisting of Oleg Sokolov, Fayzulla Alimov, Roman Alexandrov and Javokhir Nurmatov under the guidance of the experienced coaches Igor Chikinev and Ruslan Kudayev performed successfully in the championship of the continent. They won the Singapore and Japanese fencers in preliminary competitions. As a result of the semi-finals, athletes from Uzbekistan defeated the team of South Korea, who takes the second place in the rating of the International Fencing Federation.

Therefore, the national team of Uzbekistan’s fencers for the first time in the history of sports fencing became winners of the Asian Championships and won bronze medals.

It is worth noting the worthy performance in personal competitions of the championship of the continent of one of the best fencers of Uzbekistan Oleg Sokolov, who took the 8th place among 84 fencers from 28 countries.