“Uzbekistan plays an important role in ensuring stability in Central Asia”

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May 14, 2015

“Uzbekistan plays an important role in ensuring stability in Central Asia”


Uzbekistan_plays_roleThe President of the Parliament of Federal Land Saxony (Federal Republic of Germany), Matthias Roessler paid a visit to Uzbekistan.

Following the talks, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan M.Roessler gave an interview to the information agency “Jahon”.

During the conversation he noted the following:

– The main purpose of our visit is to discuss the current state and priorities for further development of relations between Uzbekistan and Germany, both in the bilateral format and within the European Union.

Today, your country is one of the important partners of Germany. It is gratifying that, being the largest and most important state in Central Asia, Uzbekistan plays a key role in ensuring stability in the region, as well as the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

A country like Uzbekistan has excellent prospects for development. In this regard, today we have discussed the issues of decent life for young people, creating jobs, decent education for the younger generation, as well as the expansion of economic ties. These are questions that are important to both sides. I think that in this area we can work together for the benefit of the peoples of two countries.

We would like to highlight the priority of economic cooperation. Previously, we held talks with the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Issues of expanding trade and economic relations were also discussed during today’s meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan. It is gratifying that our two countries and their business entities established solid cooperation in this direction.

In particular, the major manufacturers of automotive products and accessories have expressed interest in establishing and expanding cooperation with Uzbekistan, now producing globally competitive cars. Germany, as the largest manufacturer of automotive products, has many years of experience in this field. That is why our country has all opportunities for deepening ties in the field of economy.

Currently, in order to promote trade and economic cooperation is planned to create a “Business Council of Germany-Uzbekistan”, which will include major companies of the two countries.

Along with this, it should be noted that small and medium-sized businesses are a very important component of the economy of any country, including Germany. This sector plays an important role in creating jobs for the population. Therefore, we have it supported by special government subsidies. In this respect, commendable, and the attention paid in Uzbekistan full support of small and medium-sized businesses. We are ready to cooperate in this area, as it is about creating opportunities for realizing the potential of hundreds of thousands of young people.

The first time I visited Uzbekistan, particular its capital – Tashkent more than 20 years ago. Over the past period the country has significantly changed, provided high rates of economic growth, peace and stability reign in republic.