President of Uzbekistan puts key emphasis on transparency and rule of law in reform process

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November 23, 2019

President of Uzbekistan puts key emphasis on transparency and rule of law in reform process

Speaking at the recent government session in Tashkent President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev stressed that he puts the issues of good governance, freedom of media and rule of law at a central point of the reform process which is underway in the country.

“We are not yesterday’s leaders. No one has the right to work today as yesterday. Non-transparency, opacity, corruption, nepotism will not help the work and cannot be tolerated”, President of Uzbekistan stressed.

He further stressed that the reform process under the new Development Strategy of Uzbekistan is irreversible and the democracy, rule of law, openness and people’s interests are the topmost priorities.

President also highlighted the importance of Mass Media in the reform process. As it was noted that several years back the government officials were not accessible to journalists and ordinary people, but today everything has changed and the officials also must reform themselves.

“The government officials, heads of state bodies are now in the era of dialogue with people. Today mass media is raising many questions. This is also a requirement of the present time. If we do not pay special attention to these questions together with the media, there will be no result of reforms”, the President said.

President of Uzbekistan also indicated that if any government official, any governor at regional and local levels doesn’t serve and respect people such an official will be immediately removed. “As a leader of the country, I will take necessary measures, no matter how difficult it would be. Because we all must meet the demands of our people”, he said.