Uzbekistan seize 2.51 tonnes of drugs in 2015

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June 10, 2016

Uzbekistan seize 2.51 tonnes of drugs in 2015

22drugsUzbekistan seized 2.51 tonnes of drugs in 2015 against 2.29 tonnes of drugs in 2014, the Uzbek National Information and Analytical Center for Drug Control said in its yearly analytical review.

The review said that some 6,648 drug-related crimes in 2015 compared to 6,698 crimes in 2014.

It said that about 3,017 crimes were related to drug distribution, 709 to contraband and 1,301 illegal growing of drug crops.

A total of 138 foreign citizens were detained in Uzbekistan last year on drug trafficking charges. Most of them were citizens of Afghanistan (33), Tajikistan (27) and Russia (24).

Over 2.51 tonnes of drugs were seized in Uzbekistan in 2015, including 147.9 kg of heroin, 882.3 kg of opium, over 1 tonne of marijuana and 250.2 kg of hashish, 204.7 kg of kuknar and 7184 pills of psychotropic means.