“Uzbekistan strengthens industrial capacity”

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April 11, 2016

“Uzbekistan strengthens industrial capacity”


The headquarters of the Public Association for support and development of entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan “Ipak Yuli” hosted a roundtable dedicated to the investment potential of our country. The event was organized by the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Baku together with aforementioned Association.

Our reference: the Public Association “Ipak Yuli” was created in 2012. It unites more than 160 companies and has been supporting entrepreneurs, seminars, assistance to private companies to invest in foreign markets. The organization cooperates with business structures more than 60 countries of Western and Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Central Asia.

The event was attended by representatives of the “Ipak Yuli”, the heads of Azerbaijan’s largest private companies, specializing in the fields of food industry, construction, agriculture, textiles, tourism and services.

During the presentation, the participants were informed about the achievements of our country in the field of modernization of the basic sectors of the economy, the development of small business and private entrepreneurship, thus ensuring the well-being of the population growth, increasing the employment. Participants were introduced with implemented measures to increase the investment attractiveness, to create favorable conditions for foreign investors and the existing guarantees to protect their rights in our country.

During the exchange of views the Azerbaijani side expressed interest in the possibilities of developing cooperation in the field of paper production, agro-processing, chemical industry, tourism industry and others.

A brochure “Invest in Uzbekistan” was distributed among the participants which contains information about investment opportunities in the country, proposed projects for overseas business, information materials on free economic zones functioning in Uzbekistan, industrial products produced by Uzbek enterprises, as well as small brochures, flyers and other promotional materials, dedicated to the history of the country and its attractions.

At the end of the meeting the correspondent of Jahon in Baku talked with a number of participants about the prospects for cooperation between the two sides.

Thus, the president of the Public Association for support and development of entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan “Ipak Yuli” R.Chulagov noted:

– Conducted event showed us new perspectives for the establishment of mutually beneficial cooperation with Uzbekistan whose economy shows steady growth despite the global challenges. In the course of the event Uzbek side made concrete proposals to address potential Azerbaijani investors interested in a favorable investing in promising foreign markets. They represent a common interest and it could be considered together during meetings and business forums in Tashkent and Baku. In my opinion, this will enable us to find reliable partners.

S.Nazarov, Secretary General of “Ipak Yuli”:

– Favorable conditions provided in Uzbekistan to attract foreign investment, the existing economic and scientific-technical potential, stability and modernization of industry and the introduction of high-tech industries are the main incentive for foreign businessmen in investing in projects in your country.

V.Abdulhamidov, Advisor of “Ipak Yuli”:

– Uzbekistan strengthens its industrial capacity and provides the dynamic growth of the economy. Despite the decline in economic performance of most countries, the country managed to keep the growth rate at the same level. Measures aimed at stimulating investment are harmoniously intertwined with the steps taken to improve the business environment.

I am confident that taking into consideration large economic and investment potential of Uzbekistan Azerbaijani firms and companies will be glad to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with Uzbek partners.

A.Ahmedov, member of “Ipak Yuli” board, the head of the tourist company Fartour:

– Uzbekistan has great potential in tourism. A modern tourist infrastructure created in your country, a variety of routes and quality service open up broad prospects for foreign tourists, including from Azerbaijan. Direct air service established between Baku and Tashkent is an additional positive condition for the organization of comfortable trips for the Azerbaijani travel lovers.

Peace and tranquility reigning in Uzbekistan contribute to the growth in popularity of the tourist country brand. I think that the organization of the exhibition devoted to the tourism potential of the country, will help to establish partnership with Azerbaijani companies for further joint cooperation in this field.

Jahon Information Agency, Baku