“Uzbekistan strictly adheres to go through its own way without copying the experience of other countries”

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May 18, 2016

“Uzbekistan strictly adheres to go through its own way without copying the experience of other countries”


The successes of Uzbekistan achieved during the years of independence in the socio-economic and other fields are widely recognized in the world and carefully studied by authoritative representatives of governmental, scientific, academic and business circles of foreign countries.

Thus, knowing with what heritage Uzbekistan started its journey 25 years ago, the chairman of the European Parliament Delegation for Cooperation with Central Asia Iveta Grigule noted that the country was able to achieve almost the impossible during the years of the independence. “Today, Uzbekistan demonstrates the dynamic development in all spheres and becomes a prosperous state, which attaches great significance to the safety of its citizens, improving their material well-being and social protection, as well as getting an access to various types of services,” – said the parliamentarian.

According to I.Grigule, goals for 2016 indicated by the government deserve a positive assessment. In particular, she highlighted the further improvement of the legislative framework in the field of business, increasing opportunities for the development of small and private businesses, in her view, will contribute to the growth of foreign investment in various sectors of the national economy.

Taking into account the scale of the work done by Uzbekistan in recent years, MEP considers the fact as natural that the country has been demonstrating the high GDP growth rates for several years on end, providing a sustainable economic development that allowed the country to enter the top five fastest growing economies in the world.

“The basis of the prosperity of any country, its economy and development is educated people. Sustainable advancement of the state and society is associated with the level of education and knowledge of professionals. Undoubtedly, the education is one of the main priorities in Uzbekistan which aims to become one of the most developed states of the world” – she said.

In her words, the President Islam Karimov in his speech at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the socio-economic development in 2015 and the most important priorities of economic program for 2016, has led a number of compelling arguments in favor of the need for further diversification of the economy of the country through increasing industrial production, expanding the range of agricultural products.

“All this is a set of important tasks that need to be implemented in the current year. Nevertheless, during the last 25 years the way of national development and growth gives the confidence in the attainability of these goals and objectives”, – she said.

Chairman of the American-Uzbek Chamber of Commerce (AUCC) Carolyn Lamm expressed appreciation for the efforts of the Government of Uzbekistan on simplification of business conditions. According to her, the annual economic indicators of the country and the volume of foreign investments attracted into the economy of the country, are impressive. “We hope that the US company will be main investment and trading partners of Uzbekistan in the realization of the planned investment projects”, – she said.

  1. Lamm emphasized that, despite the ongoing crisis in the global economy, in Uzbekistan it is observed rapid development, comprehensive and structural measures directed on further modernization of industry and the production of high value-added products. She expressed the trust that the decision on the implementation of institutional reforms will serve as a signal to US companies in their efforts to create new and expand production capacity of existing enterprises.

“AUCC is known in the United States as organization providing verified and reliable assessment on the business and investment climate in Uzbekistan. Most of our members have been working in the country since the first days of its independence, and they witness for the effectiveness of ongoing transformation, including creation of favorable business environment, protection of foreign investors interests”, – said K. Lamm.

President of “Frondita Biogroup Inc.” company Arunas Vanagas (USA) said that issues of further deepening the reform of agriculture, the efficient use of land and water resources are remaining as one of the main directions of socio-economic development.

“In the reforming process of the agricultural sector in Uzbekistan, particular emphasis was attached on its equipment with modern high-performance meeting the world standards and requirements of specialized technologies and technological equipment. Recognition by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the achievements of Uzbekistan in the field of food security shows the dynamic development of the republic and the success of structural reforms in agriculture “, – he said.

According to A. Vanagas, optimization of land will provide further sustained growth in output, efficiency and profitability of farms. Support for enterprises engaged in deep processing of agricultural products will contribute to the expansion of exports of food products which have high quality and taste properties.

Vice-president of the company “Medtronic” Trevor Gunn (USA) said that his company considers Uzbekistan as an important and promising partner in the region and intends to develop a long-term strategic partnership in the field of medicine and public health with the country.

T.Gunn said he was convinced that a great future, prosperity and well-being await only the country that invests in social projects. “Uzbekistan – one of the few countries, directing a significant portion of the state budget for the development of education and health, – he said. – Consistent implementation of a number of state programs to improve the quality of health care, the introduction of advanced science and technologies in this sphere is also commendable.”

He further stated that he was pleased to learn about the practice of initiation in Uzbekistan each year a certain area, including the declaration of 2016 as the Year of a Healthy Mother and Child. All this, in the opinion of “Medtronic” company vice-president, will allow to focus efforts on the development of socially significant directions of the state policy, to mobilize forces to carry out the most pressing problems of modern society. “It is gratifying that the issues of improving the health and development of the system, protection of the family, mothers and children are the focus of the country’s leadership,” – he said.

According to the director of the Dutch Association of Manufacturers of Equipment for the Production and Packaging of Food Products – M. van Haren, he was impressed by the existing conditions in Uzbekistan for the success of business activities, including the favorable investment climate, the current general system of privileges, preferences and guarantees for the protection of the rights and interests of foreign investors.

“In my opinion, the commissioning of the major high-tech and modern industrial facilities in 2015, and specific plans for 2016 indicate that the economy is gradually developing on the basis of cost-demanded and suspended program, the implementation of an active investment policy”,- a Dutch businessman said.

According to him, today Uzbekistan became a kind of a hub for the development in the region and expansion of cooperation in the field of processing of agricultural products, their packaging, storage and export.

He expressed confidence that further increase of agricultural production volumes by optimizing the acreage and the introduction of modern agricultural technologies will further strengthen the position of Uzbekistan in the field of food security.

Chief editor of “Neatkariga Rita Avize” newspaper Anita Daukshte (Latvia) noted that comprehensively considered and clearly defined future guidance of Uzbekistan’s leadership will allow the country to make the next steps towards the strategic goal – to become one of the developed states of the world.

“In Uzbekistan the productive forces are rationally placed, existing potential is effectively used. It also provided the economic growth, peace, tranquility and stability in the country. A significant slowdown in world trade and a reduction in external demand, decline in world prices for key export commodities has not prevented Uzbekistan from achieving positive balance of foreign trade turnover”, the Latvian journalist said.

According to her, the further implementation of development programs and projects and modernization of engineering-communication and road-transport infrastructure of Uzbekistan for 2015-2019 years, in particular, the completion of the railway tunnel through the Kamchik pass and railroad Angren-Pap, will reduce costs of time and transportation resources, strengthen the independence of the country, as well as further enhance the significance of the republic in the region’s transport and transit system that links Asia with Europe.

As acknowledged by the Chief editor of the information portal “InfoSCO” Tatiana Sinitsyna (Russia), Uzbekistan transformed into a powerful state in the vast Central Asia. “The country has a huge historical potential, because the energy of the great minds who lived and worked on this land, has not disappeared, and was transferred to the descendants,” she said.

According to T.Sinitsyna, she carefully studied President Islam Karimov’s report on meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the socio-economic development in 2015 and the most important priorities of economic program for 2016, and was convinced that the world famous ” Uzbek model “of gradual development, really works and raises the republic to a new level. “I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of factories, plants, complexes, at that not based on raw materials, namely technological, built in recent years in Uzbekistan. This raises the country on a completely different and higher level”, she said.

She emphasized that Uzbekistan has made a firm decision to go by its own way and not to copy the experience of other countries. “As a result, today, according to the ratings conducted in 2015 under the auspices of the UN among 158 countries on such indicator as a “happiness index” Uzbekistan took 44th place. Obviously, if people are happy, well then they will promote their country to another higher advances”, Russian journalist summarized.

Head of Department of Central Asia at Europe and Asia Institute of the Chinese Academy of Contemporary International Relations Ding Xiaoxing identified a number of features of the economic strategy of Uzbekistan. “First of all, it is support of industry, thanks to which the country now produces and exports to foreign markets high-quality finished products with high added value. Automobiles, engines, mechanical and other products produced in the republic are in great demand in the world markets. Uzbekistan also cleverly uses the existing high intellectual potential for the economy on the innovation track”, the expert said.

Ding Xiaoxing stressed the effectiveness of the country’s ongoing work on the full support of small business and private entrepreneurship.

“In recent years, Uzbekistan adopts measures to promote private enterprise, in particular simplification of procedures for opening a new business, limiting the interference by state agencies, the scientist said. – Thanks to the constant attention from the leadership, the share of private sector in GDP is steadily growing, as well as increases the number of people employed in this industry”.