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January 17, 2018


State Committee for Tourism Development of Uzbekistan has declared its readiness to answer the questions of tourists at any time of the day

In the near future, the telephone directory of Uzbekistan’s residents and those who want to visit Uzbekistan may be enriched with the phone number of the information center of the State Center for the Development of Tourism of the Republic of Uzbekistan – 200-00-08. This is the easiest way at any time of the day to get a response to absolutely any traveler question.

For the first time, the State Committee for Tourism Development creates a universal travel support service for the Republic of Uzbekistan. When you call (8371) 200-00-08, you can get an answer to any question regarding the tourist trip. There is no question or situation for specialists of this telephone hotline in which they could not help the person who turned to for help. Operators still work in three languages: Uzbek, Russian and English, but in the near future the list of languages will expand.

The standard, most frequently asked questions are answered by the operator, who has available a handbook of answers and questions prepared by specialists.

If the issue requires expert advice, then you will be connected to the responsible official of the State Committee for Tourism Development, and already he will provide you with qualified support. The only condition for such service is that the call should be made during business hours.

Experts agree that the launch of this information center made it possible to solve a rather large set of issues that for a long time remained unresolved. Earlier travelers could find answers to their questions by using the websites of the State Committee for the Development of Tourism, travel companies, information and legal search engines. What was very uncomfortable and confess without the knowledge that “where is placed” the solution of this task were often doomed to failure. Now everything is very convenient – for any question all the answers on the same number.

As the practice of the first days of the information center’s work showed, mainly they handle legal issues related to the issue of visas, registration at the place of arrival, and the conclusion of various kinds of contracts.

In the near future, the State Committee for Tourism Development plans to implement a set of measures to develop this service. In particular, she will have a short four-digit number.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)