Uzbekistan through the Eyes of French TV Reporters

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July 18, 2016

Uzbekistan through the Eyes of French TV Reporters


A group of creative and technical workers of the French TV studio Electron Libre Productions have arrived in Tashkent to create a documentary entitled “The Great Silk Road and Other Wonders.”

The National Association of Electronic Mass Media is the French TV journalists’ Media partner. Producer Gillaume Bernard answered an Uzbekistan Today correspondent’s questions during the meeting at the Bunyodkor TV Studios complex.

“What is your film about?”

“The film will be made up of 15 episodes 26 minutes each. We will shoot three episodes in Uzbekistan and devote them to Samarkand, Bukhara, Tashkent, Ferghana and Marghilon. Shootings will also be conducted in China, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan and other countries.”

“Narrator A. de Montesquieu will tell about historical cities of your Republic, its architectural monuments and tourist potential, we will also talk to historians and archaeologists.

“In addition, we plan to tell about those who live today in this ancient land, that is, about the Uzbek people, its friendliness and hospitality, diligence and tolerance.

“Unfortunately, the French people know little about Uzbekistan and its people. Our group hopes that this gap will, to certain extent, be eliminated thanks to this film.”

“Who is the target audience of this film and when is it going to be screened on the TV?”

“The film will be screened on the ARTE TV channel, which broadcasts almost to all European countries in the French and German languages. Its content consists of high-quality programs about art, culture, science and documentaries and information programs. Its permanent audience in French and Germany alone make up several million people. As far as the dates are concerned, well, we plan to start the screening of this TV series later in December this year via the ARTE channel.”

“What are your impressions about Uzbekistan?”

“This is my first visit to your country. I have been in Tashkent for a few days only but I am already full of the most happy and pleasant impressions. I fell in love with your capital city at the first sight. The Tashkenters’ hospitality, breadth of their souls, their sociability, magnificent buildings and structures, spacious and clean avenues and highways – all this pleases one’s eye. I came across cheerful people in the streets with the expression of tranquility and peacefulness on their faces; there are so many smiling kids and pretty girls. We will definitely make sure to reflect all this in the film.”