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February 28, 2017



The rich historical and cultural heritage, centuries-old traditions of the Uzbek people, the unique architectural monuments of ancient cities of Uzbekistan attract many tourists fr om abroad. Many of them share their impressions about the trip in the notes introducing their countrymen about our country.

Recently, the German tourist information portal has published an article of German traveler Peter Kuhn “Uzbekistan on the Silk Road” in which he shares his impressions about his trip to our country.

“First of all, stories about the rich history, unique traditions and unique tourist attractions of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and Tashkent motivated me for this trip”, – the author writes.

Speaking about the capital of Uzbekistan, he noted that Tashkent combines the spirit of the past and the present. The history of the city has more than 2200 years. During this time he had different names – Chach, Shash, Binkat and it survived many significant events.

As P.Kyun writes, the city excursion will surprise tourists with the beauty of historic and modern buildings. “In Tashkent, it is imperative to visit the madrasah Abdulkasym Sheikh, Hazrat Imam Complex, Kukeldash, Theatre named after Alisher Navoi, the Independence Square, the Museum of Timurids’ History, the Metropolitan, the Museum of Applied Arts, the television tower. The capital of Uzbekistan is amazingly beautiful, green, well-maintained city with a special oriental flavor”, – he writes.

Narrating about Samarkand, German traveler says that this is one of the most ancient cities in the world, the history of which goes far back centuries. City tour is an ideal choice for those who want to learn about the rich historical and cultural heritage of Uzbekistan.

Next German traveler tells of Bukhara, which he calls the town of fairy tales “Thousand and One Nights”, the pearl of the Great Silk Road. “In Bukhara you will find yourself in the medieval world of the East with its narrow streets and majestic buildings, decorated with ornaments, majolica and Arabic script. There are preserved trading domes of the city in its original form wh ere today craftsmen offer tourists gold embroidery products, jewelry, silk and spices”.

By the number of architectural masterpieces, he writes, Bukhara is not inferior to other cities of Uzbekistan. Here, numerous mosques, madrasahs and tombs. The spirit of the past lives on the winding streets of this amazing city. P.Kyun calls Kalyan minaret as the main symbol of Bukhara which in the past served as a beacon for trade caravans and pilgrims.

The next key tourist center in Uzbekistan – this is Khiva which is also rich in historical architectural monuments. P.Kyun notes that this walled city with magnificent medieval monuments, is considered as one of the unique UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

At the end the author concludes that the trip to Uzbekistan from the beginning to the end was organized at a high level. “The trip made a lasting impression on me, and I will gladly recommend everyone to visit this wonderful region”, – he writes.

Jahon Information Agency, Berlin