UzLiDeP factions continues work on protection of private property

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August 3, 2015

UzLiDeP factions continues work on protection of private property

uzlidep_factionExpanded joint session of the faction of UzLiDeP and Executive Committee of Political Council of the party was held at the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan on 30 July 2015 to discuss implementation of the presidential decree “On measures of ensuring reliable protection of private property, small business and private entrepreneurship, eliminating barriers for their speedy development”.

The participants also discussed participation of UzLiDeP in ensuring and strengthening legislative base for implementation of the decree.

In its pre-election programme, UzLiDeP determined that private property should play more role in economy, first of all in industry and other leading sectors.

It was noted that the Constitution protects private property. In last five years, Uzbekistan adopted several laws directed to protect private property and develop business activities.

During the independence years, small and private businesses became a key force in economy and important factor for saturation of market with goods and services, improving prosperity of population.

Currently, over 90% of business entities in Uzbekistan are small enterprises. Their share in GDP makes up 56%, in labour – 77%.

The participants underlined that the presidential decree will lift development of the sector new level as it is envisages measures on reliable protection of private property, small and private businesses. The document also stipulates further improvement of legislation.

In last two months, specialists, representatives of businesses, MPs of Legislative Chamber and others worked on proposals on further improving legislation of Uzbekistan to create favourable conditions to businesses in line with the presidential decree.

The amendments are directed at improving work of economic courts related with violation of legislations by the businesses, improving procedures of inspection of microfirms and small businesses, etc.

The participants also discussed the law, which was developed in line with the presidential decree and passed by the Legislative Chamber. The law will be considered by Senate at its next session.

The document envisages that inspections of businesses are conducted once in four years and inspection should be conducted within ten working days and should cover only financial-economic activities of the firms.

The document also will set norm, in line with which inspection can check only the period between current and last inspection, etc.

The participants underlined that the amendments will further improve business climate in Uzbekistan. The session adopted corresponding decisions.