UzLiDeP holds roundtable on secure internet

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May 18, 2015

UzLiDeP holds roundtable on secure internet

UzLiDeP_roundtableExecutive Committee of Political Council of UzLiDeP held a roundtable on issues of cooperation “Secure internet and forming internet culture among youth” within its project “Secure Internet” on 15 May 2015.

Representatives of UzLiDeP, Legislative Chamber, ministries and other bodies, students and journalists attended the event.

The event was aimed at analyzing state of use of internet resources by youth, forming internet culture, legal protection from information, negatively impacting them, forming secure internet environment, etc.

Uzbekistan focused its efforts to form national information systems, develop internet services and meet demands of the citizens in information. The country adopted laws “On further development of computerization and introduction of information-communication technologies”, “On improving system of training cadres in sphere of information technologies”, “On electronic signature”, etc.

Currently, internet is developing fast in the world. About 42% of population or 3.2 billion people use internet. In last ten years, number of internet users grow ten times and currently about 10.2 million people use internet in Uzbekistan or 32% of population.

Currently, major part of internet users is youth. The internet creates opportunities, but it also created various problems as strong ideological impact tool.

UzLiDeP is implementing the project “Secure internet” to protect youth from destructive content in internet and form internet culture.

Within the project, the party is holding roundtables, seminars and workshops to improve quality of national information resources. The participants considered issues of ensuring secure Internet and raising media culture and literacy.

The participant also discussed organization of forums, talk-shows, special websites and pages on the issue, as well as special training courses.