UzLiDeP preparation in full swing to the greatest and dearest holiday

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August 15, 2015

UzLiDeP preparation in full swing to the greatest and dearest holiday

UzLiDeP_preparationExecutive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP and its faction at the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis are holding various cultural-educational events, meetings and talks in all regions under the motto “You’re unique, you are dear to me, my dear Uzbekistan!”.

One of these events was held in Syrdarya region to prepare for the celebration of the greatest and dearest holiday – the 24th anniversary of the Independence Day of Uzbekistan. It was attended by activists of UzLiDeP, deputies of local Councils, scientists and writers, youth, business leaders and farmers.

During the event, the participants discussed about the growing economic power and potential of Uzbekistan where pays great attention to the development of small and private businesses, farmers’ movement and changes the cities and villages.

The participants also noted that the unique “Uzbek model” of development has become a good and wise choice that positively impacts on the lives of everyone in our country as well as they underlined that the task of each of us is to be careful and watchful before the increasing conflict and confrontations, threats and challenges from the outside.

Participants of the event shared with their success to which they have achieved thanks to the independence of our country where there is peace, tranquility and stability under the wise policy of our President.

The similar events are holding in remote areas of the region.