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February 11, 2015

Veterans improve health


veterans_improveCurrently in sanatoriums of Fergana region rest and strengthen the health 120 veterans.

Presidential Decree “On measures to further strengthen the social support of veterans of war and labor front of 1941-1945” from October 13, 2014 is an important factor for the effectiveness of this work.

In this document, in order to strengthen the health of veterans of war and labor front determined specific tasks to improve the level and quality of sanatorium -health services. Starting with this year’s seniors this category once a year will be treated for free and relax in the health establishments. During the Year of attention and care for the older generation on the initiative of the regional administration group of veterans of war and labor rests in a boarding house “Chimyon”, sanatoriums “Zilol”, “Chimyon”, “Nurafshon”, “Chimyon chashmasi” of Fergana region. In these institutions created all conditions for enhancing their health, organization of free time, held a variety of cultural and educational activities.