Volume of deals at RSE “Toshkent” in June amounts to 8.1 billion soums

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July 16, 2017

Volume of deals at RSE “Toshkent” in June amounts to 8.1 billion soums


“Toshkent” Republican Stock Exchange held 20 trading sessions, during which 336 transactions were concluded for the purchase and sale of 25 million pieces of securities of 39 issuers in June 2017. The volume of exchange transactions with securities amounted to 8.1 billion soums.

In the reporting period, deals with securities were concluded in the trading system of the Unified Program and Technical Complex (UPTC):

1. In «Stock Market» in the sections:

• main (“Main Board”) – 317 deals worth 8.1 billion soums;

• deals for individuals without clearing (NC Board) – 18 transactions amounting to 10 million soums;

2. In “Bond Market” in the main section (“Main Board”) – 1 transaction worth 4 million soums.

The largest transaction was concluded on June 22 in the main section (“Main Board”), as a result of which 16.5 million shares of “Asia Alliance Bank” JSCB were sold for a total of 4.3 billion soums.

The average volume of stock transactions in June amounted to 24.3 million soums, average daily volume of transactions was 407.9 million soums, and average price of one security sold was 326.3 soums.

One of the indicators characterizing the formation of demand for securities is the ratio of selling price of securities to their nominal value, that is, the liquidity indicator.

In the reporting month, more than 71% of the total number of transactions with securities were concluded at prices exceeding their nominal value. At the same time, the largest indicator of liquidity in the transport sector is 4.58.

In general, the average industry-wide ratio of the selling price of securities to their nominal value in June made up 1.15.

Analysis of branch indicators of the exchange on investment attractiveness shows that securities of commercial banks experienced the greatest demand in the past month – 78.3% and agro-industrial complex – 15.3%.

By categories of investors, individuals demonstrated the greatest activity:

• by the amount of concluded deals – 79.9% of the total volume of concluded deals;

• by the number of concluded deals – 89.9% of the total number of exchange transactions.

The indicator of the average volume of the transaction (amount of transactions / number of transactions) in June equaled to:

• 44.3 million soums with legal entities;

• 21.8 million soums with individuals.

In general, the structure of the exchange market by types of investors who took part in trades with securities in June is as follows:

The activity of brokerage offices in committing transactions on the stock exchange in the past month is characterized by the following indicators:

In total 20 brokerage firms participated in the exchange trades.

The share of transactions made by ten most active brokerage offices in the total exchange turnover amounted to 97.8% and to 79.8% by the number of transactions.