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September 10, 2017


Vegetables and fruits growing on our land are unique due to the saturation of microelements useful for human health, which have various irreplaceable biological substances in the diet. With an average of 320 sunny days a year in our country, there is a consistent change in seasons, which creates optimal conditions for the cultivation of high-quality varieties of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the gifts of the generous Uzbek land – fruits and vegetables turned into a real brand and are famous all over the world.

This is evidenced by the International fruit and vegetable fair that is being held at “UzExpoCenter” in Tashkent. It is being attended by representatives of more than forty countries, including Austria, Belarus, Japan, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, the United States.

Fruits grown in Uzbekistan are in great demand in many countries of the world. In particular, our country is among the top ten countries in the export of apricots, plums, grapes, nuts and other agricultural products. The volume of exports of dried fruits and nuts over the past ten years has grown by 5 times.

Today, over 180 kinds of fruits and vegetables of Uzbekistan, as well as products obtained on the basis of their processing are exported to more than 80 countries of the world, such as Brazil, China, Cyprus, Indonesia, Japan, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Thailand, USA, Vietnam. The geography of exports is expanding, its volume is increasing due to the progressive measures implemented in the sphere.

New gardens and vineyards are raised as a result of optimizing crop areas, increasing yields on the basis of climatic conditions of each region, resistant to drought, diseases and pests of varieties. In recent years, almost 100 thousand hectares of fruit gardens and vineyards, as well as intensive gardens on an area of about 25 thousand hectares have been created. Seedlings obtained by planting dwarf roots in the rootstock are mainly used for creating them, which are planted in mountain and foothill areas, as well as arid lands. Such gardens begin to bear fruit after two years and yield a crop of 50-60 tons per hectare for the sixth year.

More than 170 varieties of vegetables, melons and potatoes, 175 varieties of fruits, greens and grapes that are created by scientists of our country and sustainable for our climatic conditions, resistant to drought, diseases and pests, are being cultivated. At the same time, it is important to reduce cotton fields and expand areas specializing in cultivation of fruits and vegetables, melons and grapes.

The main goal of the International fruit and vegetable fair is to introduce foreigners with the high achievements of Uzbekistan in the field of agriculture and food industry, demonstration of ecologically clean products grown in our country, melons and gourmet products, strengthening international cooperation, searching for new partners, and further increasing the export potential of our country.

The international forum embodies all modern directions of food industry and agriculture. Over 150 branch enterprises are demonstrating fresh fruit and dried fruits, citrus fruits, vegetables, greens, melons, beans, nuts, spices, beverages, packaging technologies, transport and logistics services.

According to Tokhir Jalilov, the Chairman of the Board of Uzbekozikovkat Holding Company (Food Association), the optimal investment environment in our country is an important factor for further expansion of trade and economic relations with foreign countries, introduction of modern technologies in all spheres. In particular, many companies that are specialized in production of qualitative products are successfully operating in the fruit and vegetable sector. At present, the company unites about 230 enterprises and has established the activity of trading houses in foreign countries, which facilitates the direct supply of products to foreign consumers.

Within the framework of the Latvian-Uzbek business forum that was held in Riga on August 28-30 this year, an agreement was reached on establishment of a trading house of Uzbekozikovkat Holding Company in the capital of Latvia. Implementation of the project on organization of a logistics center for storage and delivery of imported food products from Uzbekistan to all European countries, to Scandinavia and the Baltic region creates the basis for the delivery of agricultural products to the countries of the European Union.

The exposition of companies from all regions of our country is widely represented at the fair. They are offering fruit and vegetable products in a wide range and their services.

– We are engaged in processing, drying and trade in agricultural products, – says deputy director of “Bukhoro agro export” enterprise in Djandar district Farrukh Nurov. – All conditions are created for the development of entrepreneurship in our country. Recently, the level of processing has grown several times as a result of introduction of modern technologies into the production process of our enterprise. We are exporting our products to Russia, China and India. We are looking for new partners at the International fruit and vegetable fair and are planning to expand the geography of exports.

Within the framework of the fair, it is planned to conduct meetings between exporters and buyers of fruits and vegetables of Uzbekistan, “round tables”, familiarize the participants of the event with the activities of fruit and vegetable processing enterprises, intensive gardens, refrigerated warehouses.

This prestigious international forum will facilitate conduction of negotiations between business people of our country and foreign partners, exchange of experience, defining prospects for mutual cooperation, signing of bilateral mutually beneficial contracts, attracting foreign investment, analyzing the directions and prospects for the development of the world food market, and further enhancing the export potential of Uzbekistan.