Welcoming Address by President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev at the solemn ceremony dedicated to the national holiday of Navruz

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March 21, 2024

Welcoming Address by President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev at the solemn ceremony dedicated to the national holiday of Navruz

(Tashkent, Uzbekistan, March 21, 2024)

Dear compatriots!

Dear foreign guests!

It is my great pleasure to extend my sincere congratulations to you, the entire multinational people of Uzbekistan, on the long-awaited holiday of Navruz.

Today, with the change of seasons, wonderful transformations are taking place everywhere. A new day, a new season is on the horizon, the breath of new life is in the air. The nature is awakening and the heart is filled with joy and happiness.

We had planned to hold today’s celebration together with our people in the ‘Yangi O‘zbekiston’ Park. However, as you can see, the weather has been inclement in recent days. Today, the rain will bring life-giving moisture to our land, which will bring abundance and prosperity to our homes. We are grateful for this.

Greeting you in this magnificent palace, I extend to all of you my most heartfelt and sincere wishes.

Welcome to our land, peerless Navruz!

May the world shine with this holiday!

Happy Eastern New Year to you!

Dear friends!

In these bright days, our beloved Homeland Uzbekistan transforms into a grand and majestic place of celebration. In the Fergana Valley, Surkhan and Kashkadarya mountains, on the land of Khorezm and Karakalpakstan, in the beautiful gardens of Samarkand, Bukhara and Navoi, on the boundless expanses of Jizzakh and Sirdaryo, green foothills of Tashkent oasis, grandiose squares of our beloved capital, the folk festivals – “sayils” are taking place with a great joy.

Today, in all our endeavors, we see the reflection of the philosophy of Navruz, which is deeply intertwined with our aspirations and practical deeds. A vivid confirmation of this truth is the selfless labor of our purposeful, noble people, united around the idea of “For New Life, for New Uzbekistan!”. Modern enterprises, comfortable houses, social and cultural facilities, roads and bridges, squares and gardens are being built by the honest and glorious labor of our people. The country is transforming and becoming more beautiful day by day.

The society is increasingly asserting respect for the honour and dignity of the person as the supreme value, increasing attention to the maintenance of its vital interests, social protection, support for the needy segments of the population, and strengthening the atmosphere of mutual respect and trust, kindness and generosity.

Thanks to the atmosphere of friendship, harmony and good-neighborliness prevailing in the country, and to its peace-loving foreign policy, Uzbekistan’s authority in the international arena is growing.

In the future we will further expand this work in line with the traditional values of Navruz, such as humanism, peace and kindness.

Dear compatriots!

Navruz calls to protect the world around us, first of all, the land, water, flora and fauna, clean air, and to treat the natural environment with respect and care.

Currently, our country is undertaking significant efforts to respond to this call to action. Khashars are being held to celebrate Navruz. As part of the nationwide project ‘Yashil Makon’, millions of fruit and ornamental trees are being planted, and new gardens are being created.

In our ancient songs, Navruz is celebrated as a holiday of abundance and wealth, a rich harvest in the future.

Today, our skilled dekhkans and farmers, gardeners and livestock breeders open a new season of work.

We wish them every success and happiness!

May our rivers be overflowing and our harvests bountiful!

Dear friends!

Youth is the spring in a man’s life, it is his Navruz. Youth is an invaluable time when a person is striving to achieve high ideals and milestones.

This can be confirmed by brilliant progress of thousands of our young men and women – the generation of New Uzbekistan –  in various fields. To inspire them even more, give them strength and energy, we have declared this year the Year of Support for Youth and Business.

Youth and entrepreneurship are inherent in a constant search, initiative, the desire for renewal and self-expression.

In this regard, I would like to note that entrepreneurship, enterprise and shrewdness have been in the blood of our people, in their soul and consciousness from time immemorial. Since ancient times our people were famous all over the world for talented craftsmen and artisans, skilled farmers, merchants, who traveled all over the world with their caravans, unique products and gifts of nature.

Today, these traditions in Uzbekistan are proudly continued by a new generation of entrepreneurs who confidently step onto the stage. Importantly, business is becoming a decisive force both in the economy and in social life.

We will create even vast opportunities for the development of the business environment. To achieve the goals of this year’s State Program, 36.5 trillion soums and 460 million dollars are allocated.

The Business Development Bank’s family entrepreneurship and self-employment programmes will provide the necessary financial and material support to more than 50,000 compatriots. In particular, they will be allocated 100 million soums of interest-free loans. It is also envisaged to allocate soft loans up to 1.5 billion soums for 7 years. In general, about 2 million local citizens will be supported under the all entrepreneurial programmes.

In short, we will mobilize all our forces to make the New Uzbekistan one of the most favorable and attractive countries for entrepreneurship and business.

It is gratifying that the youth of the country actively participate, win prizes at international subject Olympiads, prestigious competitions, festivals of culture and art, IT, and sports.

Here is just one example: our young athletes won 22 gold, 18 silver, and 31 bronze medals at the Asian Games last year, setting a new record for Uzbekistan in these competitions.

As you know, recently the famous grandmaster Nodirbek Abdusattorov entered the top four strongest chess players in the world, winning early at the Prague International Tournament.

On this blessed holiday, let us sincerely wish Nodirbek to bring the world chess crown to our Motherland in the near future. You will undoubtedly achieve this, our dear Nodirbek! Today, the people are waiting for such a victory from you.

It is especially pleasing that our young women are also achieving high results. For example, the talented Zaynab Dayibekova at the recent World Cup of Fencing Games in Peru was awarded a bronze medal for the first time in the history of Uzbekistan’s sports.

Another gifted athlete, Shahina Yigitalieva, won a gold medal in javelin throwing at the Para-Asian Games and set a new record.

Dear children, young athletes, ahead of you is an extremely important and serious test – the Paris Olympics and Paralympics. I am confident that in competitions with the world’s strongest athletes, you will proudly raise the flag of Uzbekistan high and bring your country many victories, medals, and prizes.

We wish you all success!

Dear participants of the festive event!

The inexhaustible spirit of Navruz is vividly manifested in the daily life of our makhallas.

You are all witnesses to the great changes and transformations that have taken place in this sphere over the past two to three months. Councils to support the makhallas, the Association of makhallas of Uzbekistan and its territorial subdivisions have been established. The system of ‘Seven Makhallas’ covering all areas is working effectively.

Undoubtedly, there is a deep meaning in the organization of this system, on the basis of which programmes are implemented in the life of households to develop entrepreneurship, increase employment and reduce poverty.

In order to strengthen this work, new experiences are currently being introduced in Saikhunabad district of Sirdaryo region.

Our main objective is to make effective use of household plot by providing its owners with the necessary means and resources, helping them to find a market for their products, setting up mini-productions in households and makhallas, and expanding the range of services.

At present, five and a half million households across the country have 510,000 hectares of household plot at their disposal, please note – 510,000 hectares of household plot. This is a huge wealth and a colossal opportunity that has not yet been fully exploited.

We all know that in the conditions of Uzbekistan, a person who effectively uses such opportunities and works diligently lives in wealth and prosperity.

Over the past two years, we have managed to reduce the poverty rate in Uzbekistan from 17% to 11%. Indeed, such results are not easy to achieve. It is important to note that during this period, nearly 900,000 residents have received about 20 trillion Uzbek soums in preferential loans, over 200,000 citizens have received 1.5 trillion Uzbek soums in subsidies, and about 700,000 families have been allocated 200,000 hectares of land for cultivation.

The key aspect is that working on one’s own land, entrepreneurial activity educates a person physically and mentally, especially young people, and teaches them to live a life relying on their own strength, abilities and potential.

I would like to emphasize that our state will always support such active and enterprising people.

For instance, a grant of 300 million to 1 billion Uzbek soums will be awarded to entrepreneurs who are involved in the purchase, processing and export of household products. Furthermore, additional opportunities will be created to grow industrial trees on vacant land, to develop livestock, fish, poultry and bee-keeping.

In order to achieve tangible results from the intended measures, all executives and staff of the economic sector of the country must reach the makhalla level and take responsibility for the proper organization of work.

I am convinced that the experience initiated with sincere intentions in Saykhunabad during the holy days of Ramazan will spread widely throughout the country in the future.

Obviously, this is not an easy task. Nevertheless, no matter how difficult it might be, all of us together, with our capable and selfless people, vigorous youth, capable of great deeds, will be able to achieve this goal.

Naturally, the makhalla as a unique institution of civil society plays a leading role in the fulfillment of our tasks. Therefore, supporting the makhalla and its further development shall always be in the focus of attention. For makhalla is a stronghold of goodness and friendship. Makhalla is a mirror of the soul of our creative people.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to cordially congratulate all our compatriots, as well as devoted and selfless activists of makhallas on the Day of Makhalla System Workers marked in our country on March 22, and wish them new successes.

Dear friends!

Today, when the environment in the world is becoming more and more tense, Navruz serves such a noble goal as strengthening peace and cooperation between nations and peoples on the planet.

I am happy to see here today at our celebration the representatives of the diplomatic corps operating in Uzbekistan. Taking this opportunity, I sincerely extend my greetings to the distinguished ambassadors of foreign states, representatives of international organizations and congratulate their countries and peoples on the International Day of Navruz.

This Navruz falls on the blessed days of the month of Ramazan, filling the holiday with a unique spirit and magnifying its significance.

On this beautiful day, we once again congratulate the Muslims of the country, the entire Islamic Ummah and pray the Almighty to fulfill their dearest and kindest wishes.

Dear compatriots!

In these wonderful moments of spring, following the teachings of our great ancestors, guided by pure thoughts and hopes, we say:

Let each of our days be marvelous as Navruz, be blessed and wise as Navruz!

I wish you all a sound health, every successes, happiness, and prosperity to your families.

Let the sky above our country be peaceful!

Happy Navruz holiday!