Who is the Best One in His Trade?

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September 13, 2016

Who is the Best One in His Trade?


The answer to this question was given by the Republican Forum of “Young specialists” on the results of its meeting.

On the eve of the forum the Council of the Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan held a three stage contest entitled “The most active young specialist of the year” on 14 nominations. It was carried out at the level of enterprises, districts and regions, and then at the national level. About 6 thousand people had taken part at the preliminary level and 180 persons – at the national industrial sector level. Contests in all 14 nominations were held in a lively manner with the greatest interest of the participants involved. Special attention in determining the most active young professionals was focus on the new projects implemented in production, as well as on their value in increasing the volume and efficiency of production and the contribution of innovative ideas and developments into the country’s economy.

The contest helped to identify unique inventions and discoveries. In particular, it is expected that the project advanced by the technologist of the production shop of the “Maxam-Chirchiq” Company Arsen Aliyev will significantly reduce costs and localize production, since it will be possible to use the CA-CB-catalyst waste in ammonia synthesis technology at the enterprises of the “Uzkimyosanoat” instead of the raw materials imported fr om Russia. In case of its successful implementation there will arise a possibility to save 3 million soums on the production cost on account of every 250 tons of product that will yield a profit of 750 million soums per annum.

Another project proposed by the head of the nitric acid department under the “Navoiazot” enterprise Bekhzod Sheraliyev will make it possible to significantly reduce power consumption by using steam turbines instead of electric motors for the production of large batches of ammonia and nitric acid.

42 winners and prize winners were identified on the results of the republican industrial stage of the contest “The most active young professional of the year”. They got the right to participate at the 4thRepublican forum “Young professionals”.

It should be noted that the Forum was attended by the winners of the competition “The best young representative of the working profession” held this year for the first time by the Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan.

The authors of innovative ideas and developments and scientific discoveries were identified and awarded on the results of the forum and the competitions “The most active young specialist of the year” and “The best young representative of the working profession” held within its framework.

A “round table” on the subject “Who we used to be, who we have become and what heights we will have to achieve tomorrow?” was organized on the first day of the Republican forum, which began its work in the “Boston” sanatorium located in the Tashkent region”.

On the second day of the forum, the participants acquainted themselves with the exhibition dedicated to the work and innovative ideas advanced by young specialists. After the official opening ceremony of the event the forum participants listened to reports on the development of talent and enhancement of young professionals’ experiences, employment of the youth through the development of small businesses and private entrepreneurship.

In the afternoon, the forum activities was split into two sections, where classes were conducted for young professionals in such areas as social and labor relations, protection of socio-economic interests, health and safety, raising the legal culture of the youth, qualification improvement, leadership skills and oratorical culture.

Presentations of young specialists’ developments and innovative ideas were held in the course of the event.
A gala ceremony of awarding the participants of the 4th “Young specialists” Republican forum was hosted at the Palace of the creative youth, wh ere two young project authors and one best representative of the working profession were presented with the grants of the Federation of Trade Unions. All the forum participants were awarded the organizers’ certificates and valuable prizes.