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July 1, 2017


Organized under the auspices of the International Tennis Association, the prestigious tennis tournament of ITF series is underway in Andijan.

Over 100 tennis players from Uzbekistan, Russia, Belarus, France, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Egypt, Turkey and Ukraine are vying for the main prize.

In the first round of the main grid of women’s competitions our compatriot Sabina Sharipova competes with Mariam Bolkvadze from Georgia, Akgul Amanmuradova meets Anna Kubareva (Belarus), Nigina Abduraimova plays against Anastasia Frolova (Russia), Jamila Sodikjonova contends with Olga Doroshina (Russia), Arina Folts with Alena Tarasova (Russia), Polina Merenkova with Olga Yanchuk (Ukraine), Kamola Umarova with Drutha Tatachar (India).

In the men’s competitions, the honor of our country is upheld by Sanjar Fayziev, Pavel Tsoi, Abror Isokov, Temur Ismoilov, Saidalo Saidkarimov, Sharobiddin Abzalov, Shonigmatjon Shofayziyev.

The first days of the competition proved quite successful for our teams.

In the women’s doubles match, victorious in the first round were the pairs Nigina Abduraimova – Ksenia Likina (Russia), Polina Merenkova – Kamola Umarova, Akgul Amanmuradova – Valeria Strakhova (Ukraine), and went into the quarterfinals.

In the forthcoming competitions for tickets to the semifinals, N. Abduraimova – K.Likina will play against P. Merenkova – K.Umarova, A.Amanmuradova and V.Strakhova against the Russian duo A.Frolova – A.Tarasova.