With gratitude for conscientious work

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December 12, 2017

With gratitude for conscientious work

This year’s harvest holiday started from early morning in the square at the ancient fortress of Ark in Bukhara. Peasants and farmers, gardeners and those engaged in stock raising, other specialists of the agricultural sector and representatives of the wide public participated in the festive event.

This event was held to recognize the conscientious work of cotton producers, grain producers and farmers engaged in stock raising.

This year, cotton producers of Bukhara Region produced more than 300 thousand tonnes of cotton.

Agricultural workers of the region produced more than 376 thousand tonnes of grain. More than half of the harvest remains in their possession for them to use it as they wish.

Today, of the 7,589 farms of the region, 5,249 are multi-functional farms. They are making a good contribution to the development of stock raising, poultry and bee keeping and fish farming.

This year, more than 204 thousand tonnes of fruits, about 135 thousand tonnes of grapes and 591 thousand tonnes of vegetables were produced in the region.

In accordance with a Presidential decree, high state awards were conferred upon a group of agricultural workers on the occasion of Agricultural Workers Day.

Among them are 11 representatives of Bukhara Region. The chief of the “Fayz-2000” farm in Romitan District, Yahyo Fayziyev, became a “Dostlik” order laureate.

“This high award is the recognition of not only my work but also the work of the entire staff of our farm,” says Yahyo Fayziyev.

At the ceremony, memorable gifts were given to a group of agricultural workers for their weighty contribution to the development of the region’s agricultural sector. Moreover, the deputy hokims (deputy governors) of districts for agricultural and water management issues gave them service cars.

An exhibition of agricultural products and items of craftsmanship took place as part of the harvest holiday.

The hokim (governor) of Bukhara Region, O.Barnoyev, made a speech at the event.