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May 24, 2016

Working with Dedication


Deputies of local Kengashes and the party activists of the Navoi regional Council of People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan exchanged views on the issues of protecting the interests of the electorate at the session of the party.

They analyzed the activities of the party organizations and party groups and discussed the implementation of their tasks.

Chairman of the regional council of the party Akmal Asatov noted the need in strengthening the initiatives of the party organizations and party groups aimed at protecting the interests of the electorate, establishment of public control over the realization of territorial programs of socio-economic development.

“We cannot indulge in complacency,” he stressed. “Last year, at the initiative of the party groups in local Kengashes we had studied the issues of socio-economic development of the territories. In particular, eleven of them were discussed in the party groups; three – in the standing commissions and one – was put forward for discussion at the session. Of course, this is not enough. The Khatyrchi, Uchquduq, Konimekh, Nurota, and Zarafshon city councils do not much activity and initiative. This year we have to use all opportunities and reinforce our activities related to the protection of the electorate interests.”

Chairwoman of the Navoi regional Women’s Committee, deputy of the Karmana district Kengash of People’s Deputies Nasiba Sodiqova underlined that “there are no major or minor issues for the party organization and the deputies when the talk is about the interests of people. We must achieve maximum efficiency in our activities. There is so much work to do in connection with the Year of Healthy Mother and Child. This will require from our primary organizations to display greater initiative, and more dynamic activity – from our party members.”