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March 22, 2017



In this country, there are 140 “Young entrepreneur” consultative centres functioning within the system of the Kamolot public youth movement. These were established for the purpose of widely attracting young people to entrepreneurial activity. This year, such consultative centres are to be established in every district and town of the country.

An event has taken place at the “Kamolot” youth recreational facility in Tashkent Region’s Bostonliq District on raising the qualifications of coordinators of “Young entrepreneur” consultative centres.

At the event, it was said that large-scale work was being carried out to develop the small business and private entrepreneurship sphere, to further improve the business climate and to widely attract young people to this sphere.

The Presidential decree dated 5 October 2016 “On additional measures to ensure the rapid development of entrepreneurial activity, comprehensively protect private ownership and qualitatively improve the business climate” is an important programme document in this sphere.

“During five days’ interactive training held at the training facility, specialists made speeches on such themes as ways and mechanisms for working with young people who desire to become entrepreneurs, businessman’s mindset and procedures for obtaining credits. There were interesting discussions. Fruitful cooperation has been initiated between five vocational colleges in our district and commercial banks’ territorial branches in attracting young people to entrepreneurial activity and in providing them with advice on this sphere. Round-table conversations are held once a week with the participation of bank specialists, entrepreneurs, the directors and teachers of colleges and their graduates,” says A.Egamberdiyev, a coordinator of the “Young entrepreneur” consultative centre of Muborak District, Qashqadaryo Region.

Specialists and coordinators put forward additional proposals on the implementation of tasks that were before the republican centre for supporting youth entrepreneurship.