Young People left for military service

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February 6, 2018

Young People left for military service

At the collecting point of Tashkent Regional Department for Defense Affairs, a ceremony has taken place to see off conscripts for military service in accordance with the resolution of the President of our country “On a regular calling up citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan for fixed-term military service and on transferring to the reserve of the Armed Forces servicemen who have served out the set term of military service” of January 13, 2018.

At the event with participation of representatives of regional administration, “Vatanparvar” Uzbekistan Defense Assistance Organization, regional branch of “Makhalla” charitable public fund, regional council of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan and other organizations, military personnel and parents, it was noted that as a result of reforms implemented in the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan, young people’s interest in military sphere is increasing, and service in the ranks of Armed Forces is becoming a truly honorable affair.

The same event was held by Tashkent city department for defense affairs, where a group of young men were sent for military service by representatives of Tashkent city administration, state and public organizations, military personnel and parents.

The event was also attended by parents of conscripts and wished them a successful service, gave blessings in performing their duties.

– I’m very glad that my dream has come true and now I’m leaving for military service, – says Mavlonov Ohunjon. – During the service, I’ll try to apply all my knowledge and become a real defender of Motherland. My goal is to fulfill my duty with honor, justify my parents’ trust and become a useful person for our country.

At the event, future soldiers were presented with gifts from organizers. Songs about Motherland, peace and youth gave a festive mood to the event.