Young talents of Uzbekistan among the winners at the International Music Competition in Italy

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June 19, 2015

Young talents of Uzbekistan among the winners at the International Music Competition in Italy

Young_talentsThe Italian city of Barletta hosted XXV International contest of young performers. It was organized by the Music Association “Cultura e Musica – Giuseppe Curci” with the support of the municipal administration of Barletta, Province of Barletta-Andria-Trani and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage of Italy.

The contest was held in three categories: piano, strings, brass, ensemble performance. The participants of the competition were divided into age groups.

International Music Forum, which takes place in Italy every year since 1990, this time gathered young talents fr om 54 countries. It was also attended by students of the Republican specialized music academic lyceum n.a. R.Glier. On violin category Yusupova Asal has won absolute first prize, the second was Bochkarev Dani. On piano category Salyakhova Alisa and Muradbekova Sevarahas have won 1 place, Yakubova Yasmina eventually took 2nd place. As noted by experts, our guys have shown themselves very worthy, demonstrating a high level of performing games.

Members of the jury and the participants of the competition shared their impressions in an interview to Agency “Jahon”.

Francesco Monopoli, chairman of the jury, professor of piano Conservatory n.a. N.Puchchini in Bari:

– It is gratifying that every year in our city come more and more young musicians to demonstrate their mastery of performance. This year, we were pleased to see representatives of Uzbekistan among many other participants of the competition.

I would like to mention a very good training of your students of specialized lyceum n.a. R.Glier. We especially liked their program, it indicates a high level of training in music schools in Uzbekistan.

I take this opportunity once again to congratulate the contestants with prize places and wish them further success!

Guljahon Khasanova, a teacher of piano at Republican Specialized Music Lyceum n.a. R.Glier:

– Two of my students participated in the XXV International Competition “Citta di Barletta”: Muradbekova Sevara took 1st place and Yakubova Jasmina became the second. I think that the students of our school performed with dignity, demonstrating full training in this kind of musical arts in general education in Uzbekistan. This competition was attended by 5 of our young talents, who were also highly appreciated by the jury.

It was noted that such high awards became possible thanks to consistent reforms carried out in our country, which are aimed at improving the material and technical base of children’s music and art schools, as well as training of teachers and education of comprehensively developed generation.

Bochkareva Eleanora, a teacher of piano at Republican specialized music academic lyceum n.a. R.Glier:

– Our students were in different age categories: junior, middle and senior groups. In my opinion, they are very well expressed and demonstrated a high level of performance, taking first and second places.

For example, Bochkarev Dani (violin), student of 2 Class took 2 place. This is his first competition, and taking into account that his group had a lot of contestants from around the world, we can say that he performed very well, having been highly praised by the jury. A student of 3 grade on piano Salyakhova Alisa became the owner of 1 place, which in turn shows a significant level of training in Uzbekistan. In this competition she competed with representatives from different countries – Italy, Romania, Russia, Albania, China, Canada etc.

We, the teachers are very satisfied with the performances in this competition our students, their results, will try to continue to develop further to become parties and other international competitions.

Yakubova Jasmina, a student of 4 class at Republican specialized music academic lyceum n.a R.Glier (piano):

– At the international competition “Citta di Barletta” I was able to take 2nd place. Among the participants of my age there were the strongest performers from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Germany. I am pleased that during the hard competition I had the opportunity to meet and make friends with many other contestants. The atmosphere of the event in Italy was warm and welcoming.

Muradbekova Sevara, a student of 4 class at Republican specialized music academic lyceum n.a. R.Glier:

– In this international competition, wh ere I won the 1st place, I performed works by Bach, Shostakovich, Varelas, Mozart. I’m glad that in this music event, I was able to make friends with many participants from different countries – Lithuania, Russia, France and Italy.

I love classical music. I will continue to try to participate in international competitions and win them.

Salyakhova Alisa, a student of 3 class at Republican specialized music academic lyceum n.a R.Glier:

– I’m 9 years old, and I am glad that in this competition I was able to take first place. I performed the Bach Inventions, sketch of K.Cherni, “Please” of A.Varelas. I hope that in the future also be able to take the prizes in such international competitions.

Bochkarev Dani student of 2 class at Republican specialized music academic lyceum n.a. R.Glier:

– The first time I take part in the international competition. Here I played the violin work of Tchaikovsky’s “Old French Song”. I’m happy with how my performance and the performance of my other peers. I’ve made many new friends during this wonderful competition.