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September 29, 2014

Youths Advocate Healthy Information Environment

As part of the Information and Communication Technologies Week, InfoCOM-2014, a ceremony has taken place at the Turkiston Palace in Tashkent to award the winners of national internet contest among youth.

The second national internet contest has been organized by the Kamolot Youth Social Movement jointly with a number of ministries and other government agencies as well as public institutions, and held as part of the execution of President Islam Karimov’s 6 February 2014 resolution on additional measures designed to run the youth policy in Uzbekistan. The principal end sought by it is to protect the young generation from information threats in conditions of globalization, bolster the skills in the use of modern information technologies, and to secure the participation of the youths in the extensive covering of government-run reforms through the worldwide web.

Rather regular in our country, the internet competitions and festival, the steadily rising number of their participants speaks of the effectiveness of wide-ranging reforms spearheaded under the leadership of President Islam Karimov in the information sphere. The adoption of the presidential resolution on measures to further advance the national information and communication system of the Republic of Uzbekistan, signed 27 June 2013, has facilitated the elaboration of a strategy for the further development of information resources, systems and networks of our country for 2013-2020.

The contest is dedicated to create and promote local information resources and services, to popularize quality internet projects designated for youth and serving for the formation of information culture, to provide for a secure web space, encourage the talented youth, support young web designers and programmers materially and morally, expand and develop the youth segment in the global net.

Around 1,300 young people aged 14-30 have taken part in the contest this year.

About 300 websites and 800 applications (photos, videos and photo collections) were presented at the competition. It is noteworthy that more than 80 percent of contenders are students, while over 60 percent of presented sites have been launched this year.

In total, in excess of 1,300 creative works had been applied to the challenge, and the brightest of them were selected in nine major and three additional nominations. Notably, three top prize winners were named in nominations like “The Best Website Reflecting Uzbekistan’s Rich Culture and Arts, History and Idea of Independence”, “The Best Photo of Mahalla, Village and Town”, “The Best Video Promoting the Uzbek Classical Poetry and Literature, Prepared with the Participation of Youths”, “The Best Website Reflecting the Economic and Tourist Potential of Uzbekistan”, “The Best News Webpage”, “The Best Site in Users’ View”, and others.

The fiercest struggle was observed in the nomination “The Best Website Reflecting the Economic and Tourist Potential of Uzbekistan”, because the more the youths get involved in entrepreneurship, the greater is the interest in such kinds of portals. The site was named eventually the winner in this nomination, while и came second and third, respectively.

“ developed by me provides the readers with prompt, burning and reliable information on business in Uzbekistan and the world,” the web programmer Adham Bozorov says. “The triumph of this web resource is directly connected to the demand it has enjoyed. Beginner businesspeople can find useful data, counsel and instruction at this website in their business undertakings.”

The portal of UzA National Information Agency of Uzbekistan has been named winner of the internet contest in the nomination “The Best Website Created in Two Languages”.

“The current competition has surpassed the last year’s both in the number of participants and the quality of works presented,” says the jury member of national internet contest Alisher Tadjiev. “We do not lose contact with contest participants and keep attentive to their activities, and we facilitate the further development of their projects.”

An exhibition of 100 original photos of participants and winners of the challenge as well as the best web innovations and software by young programmers was held as part of the event.

Victors and prize winners of the national internet contest received diplomas and prizes.