Yurd Sevgisi about the great poet and humanist Alisher Navoi

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March 12, 2015

Yurd Sevgisi about the great poet and humanist Alisher Navoi


 yurd_sevigasiOn the pages of the Azerbaijani newspaper Yurd Sevgisi (Love for motherland) published an article “Uzbek thinker and poet Alisher Navoi”, which introduces readers to the life and work of the great poet, thinker, statesman and founder of Uzbek literature.

The article provides a detailed description of the family’s inner circle Alisher Navoi, and describes his development as a poet and statesman who turned his native city of Herat in one of the most important cultural centers of his time. “He has great merits not only in science and art, but also in the cultural prosperity of the country, the development of technical crafts and economy, in the patronage of musicians and artists”, – the newspaper writes.

However, recognizing the special role of the poet in the promotion of education and the arts, the paper stresses that the basic and undeniable merit of his – the development and maintenance of the Turkic language. “Alisher Navoi excellent command of Arabic and Persian languages ​​to write on them the works which are still role models, according to the material. But along with this, he was able to prove that the Turkish language has powerful expression using sound and semantic nuances than it surpasses the Persian language. In addition, the writer realized that the national literature was created only in the language in which developing national consciousness and national flavor”.

The article also focuses on creativity and the creative component of Navoi. Beauty, talent, energy, harmony and youth, according to the newspaper, was for him an inexhaustible source of inspiration and wise thoughts of the great poet does not lose relevance today. “Alisher Navoi – a great personality, embodying the consciousness and thinking of the people, a symbol of the whole epoch in the history of culture. And the more people, especially young people, will join to this great heritage, the more powerful will be the impact of enlightenment to increase the national spirit, the formation of the younger generation of the best human qualities”, – concludes the source.

Newspaper Yurd sevgisi is an independent organ of and is considered one of the leading socio-political, scientific and journalistic publications Azerbaijan. Readers Yurd sevgisi, which is published once a month, are representatives of government, political, business, expert and analytical circles and the diplomatic corps.