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February 6, 2017



Vakantiebeurs 2017, the largest annual exhibition in the Dutch Utrecht has gathered more than 20 thousand national and international organizations, major travel and air companies fr om more than 90 countries around the world. The exhibition was visited by more than 121 thousand people.

Dutch agencies that organize tours in the countries of Central Asia allowed the guests to plunge into the world of relaxation in Uzbekistan and experience the atmosphere of international tourism fairs held in our country. Uzbek specialists who visited the exhibition noted that Uzbekistan in terms of tour potential and the number of historical monuments is in the top ten world leaders. According to the director of the Netherlands-based VNC Asia Travel, Kees Van Galen, the peace and stability prevailing in Uzbekistan, the atmosphere of harmony and mutual respect, the world-famous Uzbek hospitality play a great role in attracting travelers from around the world.

“Our company has been in the tourism business for over 40 years, and the Asian region is one of the main directions of its activity,” he said. “At first, we used to send tourists mainly to China and Japan. But the historical cities located on the Silk Road, including in Uzbekistan, have been causing a growing interest in Europe.

“I have visited your country more than once, and I have read a lot of literature, in particular about the travels of Marco Polo along the Silk Road. Remarkable is the fact that the Uzbek land has for thousands of years been a crossroads of cultures, traditions and religions of diverse peoples. It is no accident that its ancient cities are included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. We are very pleased to promote the tourist brand of Uzbekistan in the Netherlands.”

As part of the Trans-Siberian route and Asia, the company Tiara Tours has for over 20 years been organizing specialized tours. As the commercial director Sylvia Svigers noted, “The first time I visited Uzbekistan was in 2008 and I chose to discover that beautiful country, because it proved one of the most interesting and fascinating places in the world, wh ere everything is astounding. Anyone who visits Uzbekistan experiences firsthand not only the historical monuments, but also the distinctive traditions and customs of the local people, culture, hospitality, large-scale modern creative processes. For this reason, among the European tourism circles Uzbekistan is becoming a more popular destination. Colleagues who traveled to the country have noted the progress, improvement of infrastructure, as well as the professionalism of local guides, something which is very important to increase the tourist flow to the country.”