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December 12, 2016



Rating system is being introduced in Uzbekistan’s fencing sport, which will be composed by the Tournaments of the Strongest. It will improve the system for selecting athletes to the national team and to participate in international competitions.

Tournaments of the Strongest will be scheduled on a regular basis. Dates are approved jointly with senior coaches for all types of armaments (saber, foil, epee). The first competition where the rating system was tested became The First Tournament of the Strongest, held over the weekend, and Uzbekistan Open Cup, which is taking place these days at the fencing main base at Pakhtakor Stadium in Tashkent.

When calculating the score, the rating system takes into account the competition factor. For example, the ratio of Uzbekistan Open Cup is equal to 1.5, which further encourages athletes to win the highest level of competitions.

Introduction of the ratings system and participation in the Tournaments of the Strongest on a regular basis will help improve the qualification of fencers, with a further positive effect on training high-class athletes and sports reserves in the regions. The advantage of getting into the national team athletes will be granted to those who are in TOP-8 of the rating. Moreover, the rating system is to assist the coaching staff to objectively expand the horizons of promising and talented athletes for the subsequent preparation for a competition. The basis of the athlete’s ranking will be composed of the total of points gained by them in contest: who gets the most points, that is stronger.

Worth noting is that in the period fr om 30 October to 12 November this year, ahead of Uzbekistan Open Cup, the Federation held a training session with the participation of gifted fencers. At the training camp and the Open Cup, active participation belongs to talented fencers from Andijan, Navoi, Ferghana, Namangan, Tashkent region and the Republic of Karakalpakstan. Training meetings have confirmed that today it is necessary to improve the system for selecting athletes to the national team and contribute to various international competitions.

The rating system will be introduced among athletes of all ages. Currently, the Open Cup of the nation and the Tournament of the Strongest calculate rating among adults and juniors, while in December, the Open Cup among athletes born in 2000 and younger as well as the Tournament of the Strongest points will be counted also for cadets.

An important part is that the rating system opted for is widespread in the world, as the Fencing Federation have said. Federation also notified that in 2017 the number of national competitions will increase, and they will be held not only in Tashkent, but also in Andijan, wh ere the construction of a fencing center with a hotel was recently completed, which allows to hold meetings and events with a large number of participants from all regions of the republic. Andijan Fencing Center is fully equipped with sports accessories and facilities at internatio