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November 8, 2016



While it was pouring outside, the stage of Zarkaynar complex was filled by models, who demonstrated modern designer clothes like multi-colored fluttering butterflies. The show of the Hanbok traditional dress opened the Festival of Korean Culture.

Hanbok is a traditional dress made of Korean textiles. It is a magnificent variety of bright colors and textured fabrics.

Lee Yong-hee – the world renowned designer – visited the show of Korean traditional dress in the capital for the first time. She streamlines and adapts hanbok under modern conditions, trying to show the world the whole beauty of the national apparel.

Reshaping the traditions of dress, inspired by contemporary fabrics, colors and lines, the designer demonstrates all the splendor of hanbok on the catwalk.

Lee Yong-hee, was the first among designers of Korean traditional dress to take part in pret-a-porter in Paris in 1994, thereby causing a wide response. The French magazine Le Monde published an article that described the Korean hanbok costume as “apparel for the wind.”