Since the beginning of 2017 the Euronews continues to acquaint with historical monuments and tourist attractions of our country.

The Euronews airs another program from the cycle «Postcards from Uzbekistan» entitled “At the foot of the great complex Poi Kalon” dedicated to the architectural monuments in the city of Bukhara.

The report points out that this complex is a landmark for the country, and includes masterpieces of Islamic architecture built hundreds of years ago. TV guide says that the Poi-Kalon consists of three main buildings – minarets, madrasahs and mosques which were built between the XII and XVI centuries.

Kalon Minaret is one of the oldest monuments in Central Asia. The reportage explains that the name of the complex Poi Kalon is translated as “Pedestal of the Great”.

Correspondent Seamus Kearney, standing at the opening grand minaret Kalon, says that this monumental building with height of almost 47 meters towering over Bukhara, in the old days was used also as a watchtower.

The walls of madrassas, forming a complex of courtyards, were decorated with colorful mosaics and decorative ornament.

Frames made with bird’s-eye view represent the pristine beauty of the majestic monuments of sacred Bukhara.

In the coming weeks viewers will get acquainted with the new TV programs of “Postcard from Uzbekistan”.

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