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May 16, 2017



A festival has taken place in Namangan on the slogan of “Uzbekistan is our common home”.

The event was arranged by the republican international cultural centre in cooperation with the Namangan Region’s hokimiyat (governorate) and a number of other organizations.

Representatives of national cultural centres functioning in the region, state and public establishments, students of higher education institutions and vocational colleges, professors and teachers participated in the festival.

It was said that special attention was being paid under the leadership of the President of the state to ensuring human rights and interests and to further strengthening the country’s atmosphere of inter-ethnic accord and religious tolerance.

In this country, the strengthening of peace and calm and the keeping of society’s atmosphere of goodness and kindness, inter-ethnic accord, unity and solidarity are priorities of state policy. These aspects were confirmed in the course of this festival.

Representatives of various nationalities and ethnic groups in Namangan Region live in peace and harmony and make a good contribution to the development of the Motherland. The necessary conditions have been created for them to keep their languages and to observe their traditions and customs. National cultural centres work effectively and enjoy comprehensive support.

The festival began at Namangan’s state university with a round-table conversation on the subject of “Interethnic accord and magnanimity are factors of stability”.

“In our country, a firm basis has been created for the ensuring of inter-ethnic accord, which is of important significance to our activity. Article 4 of the Constitution of our country says that the Republic of Uzbekistan guarantees a respectful attitude to the languages, customs and traditions of nationalities and ethnic groups living in its land and the creation of all the necessary conditions for their development. On this basis, all the necessary conditions were provided for representatives of more than 130 nationalities and ethnic groups in our country to live and enjoy freedom, work and get education and continue to observe their traditions and customs,” says Sergey Mironov, deputy director of the republican international cultural centre.

As part of the event, there was also a concert programme by the university’s amateur artistic group. An exhibition of works of visual art entitled “Human interests are of great value” was arranged by students.

Within the framework of the festival, scientific practical seminars were conducted on the subject of “the country’s peace and the Motherland’s prosperity are the highest blessings” at the Yakkaqorghon vocational college of agricultural services and transport, the Mavlon Lutfulloh park of culture and recreation in the town of Chust and at the youth centre of the city of Namangan. There were also a concert programme with the participation of representatives of various nationalities on the slogan of “Uzbekistan is our common home” and a thematic round-table conversation.