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March 7, 2017


A republican practical seminar has been conducted in Samarqand on the subject of “Raising the role of public organizations in carrying out tasks of the Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interests”.

The seminar arranged by the Uzbekistan Trade Unions Federation was attended by leaders and officials of sectorial and territorial trade unions associations, the Women’s Committee of the republic, the Nuroniy (veteran) foundation, the Mahalla (neighbourhood) public charity foundation, the Kamolot public youth movement and other state and public organizations, their territorial departments and employees of mass media.

The seminar’s participants divided into groups and then visited nearly 1 thousand 200 people’s homes and held conversations with them about the socio-economic condition of their families, their way of life, the extent of their family members’ employment, income augmentation and the prevention of things that could negatively affect their children’s upbringing. They also familiarized themselves with the work of pre-school day care establishment No 118, general education school No 57 and cultural and recreational centre No 6 in the township of Farhod, the Mominkhoja neighbourhood centre in Kattaqorghon District, a rural medical station, trade and services facilities there and the Kattaqorghon economics and services vocational college.

“During that dialogue, we heard people express their opinions and suggestions on the work of educational, medical and sport facilities in the territory, citizens’ self-governing bodies, trade and services sites and banks. During conversations with families in need of social protection, those with no breadwinner, those whose children are studying at higher educational establishments and people with limited abilities, we exchanged views with representatives of hokimiyats (governorates) and relevant offices on problems and shortcomings that had been noted, and we gave them our recommendations. In every household that we visited, we strove to find solutions to at lease some of their problems and alleviate their difficulties in every way possible. While visiting those homes, we better understood the significance of the year 2017 being declared the Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interests. If we go to common people and hold open conversations with them we will have an idea about their way of life and thoughts,” says the chairman of the Farghona Regional department of the Nuroniy foundation, Topvoldi Holdorov.

As a result of this two-day familiarization visit, relevant organizations worked out measures to raise the quality of services being provided for the local population, to strengthen the material and technical base of those pre-school day care establishments, to tackle problems in the utilities sphere there, to pay special attention to road repair work and the issue of employment and to step up moral propagation in those localities, and also set a specific time-frame for the implementation of these measures.

During the final gathering of the seminar, the chairman of the council of the Uzbekistan Trade Unions Federation, Q.Rafiqov; the chairman of the Nuroniy foundation, Sh.Jalilov; and others said that the tasks specified in speeches of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev on the 24th anniversary of the adoption of the country’s Constitution and at the session of the Cabinet of the Ministers on results of the year 2016, including holding open dialogue with people and serving the nation, should be the main area of the work of not only government departments but also that of public organizations.

Human interests and honour and dignity are at the forefront of today’s rapid changes in the life of the country’s society. And more significantly, it was said that the goal of reforms being implemented in every sphere was to improve the population’s living standards and quality of life.

Presentations were given on mechanisms for establishing public monitoring of the implementation of measures by relevant organizations to tackle problems identified during conversations held by working groups with families in localities over these two days.

At the conclusion of the seminar, a memorandum was signed among the Uzbekistan Trade Unions Federation, the Women’s Committee, the Nuroniy foundation, the Mahalla public charity foundations and the Kamolot public youth movement on cooperation in objectively studying the moral climate in families and their living standards and economic situation and in identifying outstanding issues.

The hokim (governor) of Samarqand Region, H.Oqbutayev, made a speech during the event.