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March 31, 2017



In the days of celebrating the International Women’s Day, March 8, the National Symphonic Orchestra of Uzbekistan under the direction of the laureate of international competitions, conductor Alibek Kabdurahmanov has organized a true surprise for the beautiful half of humanity at a concert show in Tashkent.

The evening was held in rather particular format. Alibek Kabdurahmanov was bоth a conductor and an entertainer. The program of the concert was not announced, as is customary, on the contrary, spectators were given the opportunity to guess the name of the composition that the orchestra performed.

There were performed the world hits and soundtracks from movies and musicals. Just before the performance, the conductor gave clues to what period this or another melody belonged, and after listening the audience called the performer, song or film.

The audience greeted each song with ovations, and especially warmly the spectators reacted to the performance of the soundtracks of such well-known films as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Star Wars’ and others.

The legendary songs performed by Feruza Khaldarova turned a true surprise for the guests. Feruza Khaldarova sang solo the hits by Whitney Houston, while other popular songs in duet with Anvar Turdimatov.

The organic completion of the concert was the performance of a very popular song from the movie ‘You Never Dreamed’, as well as a medley of hits by the Swedish group ABBA.

“We decided to give such a concert that people, listening to their favorite songs, filled with love for our orchestra. And that they had a desire to listen to classics,” opined Nargiz Azamatova, the actress of the National Symphonic Orchestra. “I love music that is why I am happy with the performance of any genre. But anyway I like the classics more and I advise everyone to visit the Conservatory.”