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February 6, 2017



In this country, special attention is paid to keeping national values, to continuing ancient craftsmanship traditions and to supporting young craftsmen.

The First President’s decree dated 30 March 2010 “On providing further support for people’s artistic craftsmanship and applied arts” is an important programme document in this sphere.

In Navoiy Region too, large-scale work is being carried out to develop craftsmanship and to restore ancient traditions. Today there are more than 450 craftspeople working effectively in the region. Young people and women account for a majority of them, which is especially exhilarating.

“Craftspeople have made a good contribution to the popularization of our national values. The master-apprentice tradition is helpful in teaching young people our ancient heritage,” says the chief of the Navoiy Regional directorate of the Hunarmand (craftsman) association, A.Ibrohimov.

Craftsman Jahongir Ergashev makes beautiful things of wood. He established a club at boarding school No 25 for deaf and hard-of-hearing children in Karmana District. At this club, children are learning to make baskets, vases and bird cages.

Nazokat Karimova, a graduate of the Navoiy state ore extraction institute, has successfully participated in various contests with dolls that she made. She won a Kamolot scholarship and achieved high positions in the “High-morality generation” festival and in the country stages of such contests as “Young entrepreneurs – country helpers” and “The country’s future”.

“I have been making national dolls for six years now. I try to make dolls in the style of characters of national stories and fables. They express good qualities characteristic of our people, such as love and generosity,” says young craftswoman, N.Karimova.

Nazokat wants to make a contribution to the development of the tourism sector of the country in future by making Uzbek national dolls for foreign tourists.