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April 18, 2017


4e106440dd190fa6eb391fa135ed46f7The hall of the Ilkhom Theater has become the venue for the creative meeting with the NORD FX jazz band fr om Germany within the educational program ‘Jazz improvisation as a form of self-expression.’ The band consists of three musicians – Daniel Klein (drums), Tom Schneider (piano) and Dorian Gollis (double bass).

This band, uniquely experimenting with effects, is following a new path of interpretation of jazz. There is a feeling that the band creates tremendous energy on the stage, which makes the audience to question the already existing idea of ​​music. NORD FX band takes listeners to another world very ingeniously. But at the same time they remain faithful to the foundations of the piano trio, using the noise chamber music as the beginning of all musical adventures and discoveries.

In addition to performing their own compositions, the musicians invited everyone to participate in the jam session, where the young talents – students of the State Conservatory, took an active part. Compositions in a duet with the Uzbek saxophonist and composer Saidmurat Muratov were performed at the meeting as well.

Musician Tom Schneider shared his impressions of the first visit to Uzbekistan:

“When you perform somewhere for the first time, you get enriched with new impressions. The concert with Uzbek performers was an interesting experiment for us, which get imprinted in our minds for a long time. A large number of music lovers gathered, we liked the audience very much, we had an original communication with it, we can say, a dialogue of jazz without words.”

The meeting touched upon the issues of playing style of musicians. In particular, everyone was interested in whether their style of performance would change in the future. The band members responded that they do not limit themselves to certain areas of music, since the style of performance depends on the composition, and jazz is the freedom of expression of feelings wh ere there is nothing impossible.

At the end of the performance, the musicians shared their experience of creating and performing jazz works with the audience.