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June 22, 2017


The splendor of historical and architectural ensembles in the ancient cities of Uzbekistan and a number of unparalleled sights from time to time have been fascinating a foreign visitor who once visited our country.

So, recently in Poland a voluminously colorfully illustrated book-album about the fairy-tale city-museum in the open air Khiva was published. The authorship of the idea of the publication belongs to the head of the Polish company BUDMEX Pavel Ceslitski who compiled a photo album from a large number of photographs taken during his twenty-year activity in Uzbekistan.

The book details the history of the ancient city and its landmark places.

“Khiva”, writes P. Ceslitski with admiration “is one of the oldest cities in Central Asia, numbering more than 2500 years.

The first object that immediately catches your eye is the tallest minaret of Islam-Khoja. Its silhouette, piercing into the blue sky, is visible even from the remote roads of the city, the sandy hills of the desert. From the top of the minaret opens a wide and fascinating panorama of the surrounding territories”.

Continuing this theme, the author of the book in his interview to the correspondent of the Jahon stressed that the publication became a reflection of his perception on the charming history, rich and refined architecture of this ancient and fairy-tale city.

– The desire to publish a photo album was dictated by my reverent attitude towards Uzbekistan, its hospitable people, the unique and diverse ethnic, historical and cultural heritage of the republic. I am happy that I continue to participate in the recovery, improvement and restoration of architectural monuments, including mausoleums, in Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara.

My beloved Uzbekistan, with each passing day, multiplies its authority in the world, strengthens its relations with neighboring countries, and its economic potential gradually acquires stability and power.

It is these factors that serve as a concentrated expression of my position and desire to glorify this region, the hospitable and original Uzbek people.

Attaching great importance to the deepening of Polish-Uzbek relations in all directions, I am ready to continue to make my modest contribution to their development in general and in the field of urban planning in particular.

Jahon Information Agency,