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March 22, 2017



With the advent of spring, the Republican circus has presented its guests a new colorful performance ‘The Lords of the Four Elements’, which is dedicated to the forthcoming holiday of renewal of nature – Navruz.

The title ‘The Lord of the Four Elements’ prompted the idea to stage the animated television series ‘Avatar: the Legend of Aang.’ And indeed, the first scene presents a boy, the guardian of the universe, sitting on the silk cloth, on which the ball and four elements are depicted, and who plays the flute.

But at the end of the premiere, the directors emphasized that the production was the author idea and timed to Navruz, which is one of the most beloved holidays of the people of Uzbekistan.

At the beginning of the show, beautiful butterflies and fairies emerged in the air, personifying four seasons, their graceful movements were harmoniously accompanied by pleasant music and playing rays of light. And everyone believed: “Here it is, a beautiful spring!”

Funny clowns, enthusiastically greeted by the kids and grown-ups, as well as spectacular performance of the fakirs, who not only showed spectacular elements, but also demonstrated acrobatic stunts with fire in their hands, left no one indifferent.

Gentle and touching was the performance of air gymnast Natalia Pyatakova, who at the end of the performance as if dived into the water of the silk cloth. The element of the earth was presented by the Honored Artist of Uzbekistan, trainer Olesya Dovlatova. Dressed in the costume of a green young plant, she demonstrated to the audience the agility of the hands and skills of her dogs.

In addition to representatives of the four elements, the program was diversified by the celebrity wizard Alexei Cheprasov, who made the table…flying. The power juggler Kamoliddin Jumayev surprised everyone when lifted a weight with his little finger.

The culmination of the show was the performance of winners of international competitions, air gymnasts Rustam, Kamila and Daler Khametovs, who demonstrated the strength of family ties.

“Premieres are always very exciting. Probably, there were some flaws, but the reaction of the audience showed that everyone liked the new show,” air gymnast K. Khametova shared her impressions. “In the production I act with my husband and child, playing the role of a loving and caring wife and mother.”

“We wanted to create not just an ordinary fairy tale, but an exciting show that would be interesting for bоth children and grownups,” acting director of the Republican Circus G. Karimova said. “Spring and the wonderful Navruz holiday inspired us during our work. And the warm welcome of the public supported us and gave confidence.”