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January 23, 2017



The restaurateur Bahriddin Najmiddinov has come up with a new project that allows the masterpieces of the Uzbek national cuisine become more attractive and presentable.

– We are currently negotiating with the Guinness Association: we want to cook pilaf of 3 tons 150 kg of rice at once and to beat the record of Turkish colleagues who managed to prepare their national dish of almost the same amount of rice, – announced a well-known restaurateur. – On the way it is necessary to solve a number of out-of-order organizational issues. According to our calculations, we need a kazan (large pot) with a diameter of 6-7 meters.

The second project of Najmiddinov is also not less ambitious. He proposes to build a house of Uzbek cuisine where people can enjoy almost all kinds of national dishes. Attendees can also get acquainted with all that in one way or another connected with the Uzbek cuisine, participate in master classes and master the subtleties of cooking. There are craft workshops where visitors can find out how made traditional dishes, knives and other kitchen appliances.

A creative approach to work is a carte-de-visite of Najmiddinov. Here is what he says about this: “You know, there are different cuisines. So, the Uzbek national cuisine, of course, very tasty, but it’s homemade. And today, when our country steps with global trends, it should be the restaurant version of the national cuisine. We have a lot of cafes, restaurants that specialize in Uzbek national cuisine, but they offer a classic version of the dishes, and, accordingly, they serve them in the traditional canons. That is great, but I want to create a restaurant version of our cuisine. That is why you can enjoy not only a traditional porridge made from mung bean and rice, and but also the version of it passed through the blender with unusual serving. We have come to such a decision because, in our opinion, porridge passed through the blender has more aesthetic appearance. Our approach has a lot of bоth supporters and critics. We are not resting on our laurels, we keep up running, because our creativity is new, young and open to everything, and undoubtedly has a lot of fans. In addition, I believe that what we do contributes to the promotion of our culinary art.”